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are inclined to a number of hereditary diseases.
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Gastrointestinal tract

Заворот a stomach is stretching and twisting of a stomach. Symptoms: pain, vomiting. Can have a lethal outcome.


Gistiotsitoz — multiple nodules on skin or ulcers, matastaza in easy and other bodies. Symptoms: slackness, loss of weight, lack of appetite.

Sarcoma of a mammary gland — the probed education in skin and hypodermics. Symptoms: slackness, loss of appetite. The disease can give metastases in other parts of a body, ulcers can develop.

Endocrine system

Gipoterioz — violation of functioning of a thyroid gland. Symptoms: wool loss, rough scaly skin, increase in body weight.

disease (primary gipokortitsizm). Symptoms: lack of appetite, vomiting, apathy, loss of weight, shiver attacks, diarrhea. The weakness is sometimes shown, there are faints.

Lymphatic and blood system

(insufficiency of protein of adhesion of leukocytes). It is fraught with the increased susceptibility to bacterial infections, resistant leykotsitoza.
Insufficiency of a factor of XI. Symptoms: the moderate bleedings amplifying after operation or a trauma. It can be deadly.
Insufficiency glyukozo-6-fosfatdegidrogenazy. Clinical symptoms are not shown.
Hemophilia And — long severe bleedings because of violation of formation of a clot. The dog can die.

Cardiovascular system

a gullet Diverticulum — the anomaly of development of an arch of an aorta leads to obstruction of a gullet.
Dysplasia of the three-leaved valve. Symptoms: small appetite, loss of weight, apathy, noise in heart.

Immune system

Demodekoz — local defeat by a tick. The itch can be strong, and can be absent in general. The muzzle is surprised usually. As a rule, the disease passes itself 6 — 8 weeks later.

Insufficiency of IgG — repeated bacterial infections owing to dysfunctions of neytrofi and absence of IgG. The dog becomes susceptible to infections.
Defect of T-cages — the increased susceptibility to infections, in particular virus. The dwarfism is characteristic of such dogs.

Skin and mucous

Acne. Symptoms: follicular papules of the different sizes on a muzzle. There can be ulcers.

Dermatoreksis — vulnerability and hyper elasticity of skin.
Juvenile cellulitis. Symptoms: the muzzle seems swelled up because of increase in lymph nodes (cervical and submaxillary).
Bladderwort vulgar. Symptoms: appearance of erosion and ulcers under mice and on mucous and skin borders.
Seboreyny adenit
. Symptoms: faded, fragile, dim wool oily skin.
Umbilical hernia. On a stomach skin protrusion in which there can be internals is observed. Can pass without treatment.
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Nervous system

Cyst of a web cover of a brain. Development of a cyst can lead to squeezing of a spinal cord.
the Hypoplasia of a worm of a cerebellum — does not develop a cerebellum crest. Manifestation: the unsteady not coordinated gait.
is damage of central nervous system. Symptoms can vary, the most general are a tremor of extremities, trunks, the heads, an incoordination.
the Spinal dizrafiya — is shown in violation of gait, scoliosis, widely placed paws. Such dog can conduct normal life.


the Cataract — a cataract which can lead to a blindness.
cornea Dystrophy — turbidity of a cornea with visual impairment, but without inflammatory process.
the Erosion of an iris can be shown in dacryagogue, a photophobia, sudden eye pain.
Distrikhiazis — the wrong arrangement of eyelashes causing irritation of an eye.
Entropy (заворот centuries). The eyelid is wrapped inside, as a result of an eyelash rub an eyeball.
the Progressing retina atrophy — the degeneration of cages leading to a blindness.

Reproductive system

Kriptorkhizm — not omission of testicles.
Hermaphroditism — are present fabrics of gonads of both sexes.


Limited кальциноз — adjournment of calcium in leather and hypodermic cellulose.
of Kraniomandibulyarnaya an osteopathy — the abnormal growth of bones of the lower jaw, head or extremities.
the Dwarfism — the violation of a skeleton leading to reduction of the size in comparison with norm. Can be proportional and disproportionate.
the Dysplasia of a coxofemoral joint can lead
to lameness or full immobilization of a dog.
the Back of a bifid (a backbone crevice) can be shown in weakness of hinder legs, incontinence a calla. The lack of skin, muscles and awned shoots of arches of vertebras in lumbar and sacral area are possible.
Spondilolistez of cervical department of a backbone — the anomaly of cervical vertebras, causes violation of functioning of back extremities (up to paralysis).

Urinary system

Primary glomerulopatiya. The beginning can proceed asymptomatically. The slackness, a smell from a mouth, ulcers in a mouth, loss of weight, the increased thirst, a loss of appetite, vomiting are possible.
of a veymaraner.

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