• May 22, 2018


In general, West Highland White Terriers are healthy dogs. However there are diseases to which they are predisposed more, than to others.

West Highland White Terrier of a Photo On a photo: a West Highland White Terrier "Vesti" can suffer from

from food allergy. As a rule, it is caused by feeding by chicken meat.

Sensitive skin requires special attention. You should not wash representatives of breed often with use of shampoo. Do not forget about prevention of stings of ticks and fleas.

West Highland White Terriers are susceptible to infection with worms. Therefore not to do without preventive expulsion of helminths.

Often the scale meets. Do not neglect toothbrushing.

In addition, your pet can face such illnesses as a dysplasia of coxofemoral joints, diseases of eyes, diabetes, cardiological problems, congenital deafness.

An important preventive action – vaccination.

do not forget to visit periodically the veterinarian for planned surveys. And, of course, go to veterinary clinic if you notice any frightening symptoms: weakness, drowsiness, slackness, refusal of a forage, etc.

West Highland White Terriers in an Exhibition Rack of a Photo On a photo: West Highland White Terriers "

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