• Dec 18, 2019

Health of an airdale , as a rule, does not cause concern in the owner. Airdales are quite hardy and healthy dogs. They are almost not subject to diseases which are suffered by other breeds and if nevertheless get sick, transfer an illness in easier form. But flippant attitude wellbeing of the pet nevertheless is inadmissible.

Signs of a healthy airdale

  • activity,
  • playfulness,
  • inquisitiveness,
  • good appetite,
  • shining eyes,
  • beautiful wool.
If the pet shows to
weakness, indifference, loss of appetite, immediately address the veterinarian.
Health of an Airdale of a Photo On a photo: airdale
the Main problems with health of airdales: the dysplasia of a coxofemoral joint, crude eczema (hot spots), a melanoma, демодекоз, a disease Addison (giperadrenokortizm), гипотериоз, Von Willebrand's disease, a dilatatsionny cardiomyopathy, заворот centuries (энтропион), keratit chronic superficial (паннус), dystrophy of a cornea of an eye and a progressive atrophy of a retina.
It is desirable for
to specify whether parents have results of tests for the hereditary diseases characteristic of airdales.
  1. Giperurikozuriya is the hereditary disease connected with accumulation of salts of uric acid and formation of stones.
  2. the Degenerative miyelopatiya of dogs — the serious progressing neurodegenerative illness causing paralysis of back extremities. It is connected with violation of functioning of motor-neurons of a spinal cord owing to simplification (degeneration) of their nervous terminations. The disease begins with almost imperceptible weakness of one or both hind legs. Then it becomes difficult to rise from a prone position or sitting. The dog periodically loses balance, coordination then paralysis develops is broken.

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