• Jan 23, 2020

As a rule, health of an Alaskan malamute is not alarming at owners. Alaskan malamutes are quite healthy dogs, however nevertheless are predisposed to a number of diseases.

It is similar to many large breeds, at malamutes the dysplasia of coxofemoral joints can develop . Surely make X-ray to be convinced that everything is all right, or in time to take necessary measures.
Malamutes are inclined to zavorota of guts . Therefore you watch closely health of the pet. If noticed an abdominal distension, salivation or emetic desires, immediately address the veterinarian.
Meets at malamutes a degenerative miyelopatiya – a disease which can lead to paralysis of back extremities. As a rule, the first signs appear in 8 – 14 years and include weakness of one or both hind legs almost imperceptible in the beginning. Then the pet begins to experience difficulties with rising, the tail becomes motionless. Coordination loss which comes to an end with paralysis is observed.
Sometimes malamutes suffer from malignant hyperthermia – sensitivity to a number of medicines for anesthesia. Use of these medicines leads to violation of a warm rhythm, a renal failure and even death. If when using anesthetics there were disturbing symptoms, it is necessary to stop medicine introduction, to apply cooling and the supporting therapy.
Meets the early progressing polyneuropathy of malamutes . This hereditary disease which begins to develop in 3 – 19 months and leads to paresis (partial paralysis) of extremities. Treatment is not developed yet.
One more hereditary disease – a giperurikozuriya . It is characterized by accumulation of salts of uric acid and also formation of stones.
Surely specify
whether parents of your puppy passed tests for genetic diseases.

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