• Dec 4, 2019

Life expectancy of an American cocker spaniel depends on the state of health and conditions of keeping. At good leaving they can live 13 — 15 years.
American Cocker Spaniel of a Photo On a photo: an American cocker spaniel
Cynologists note that if the dog well ate, seldom was ill and often happened in the fresh air, in old age she will better feel.

B 2004 the English Kennel-club conducted a research according to which causes of death of American cocker spaniels most often were cancer (23%), age changes (20%), cardiology (8%), diseases of the immune system (8%).

American cocker spaniels suffer from diseases of ears and sometimes an eye. Diseases of ears are characteristic of all breeds with long, trailing ears therefore they need to be examined regularly. Glaucoma, a cataract are also widespread among these dogs. The American club of fans of cockers recommends regular inspection of an eye bottom.

Autoimmune diseases are rather frequent, among them there is hemolytic anemia.

In addition, American cocker spaniels are subject to obesity.

you Watch the state of health and health of the pet. If noticed frightening symptoms, as soon as possible address the veterinarian.

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