• Dec 2, 2019
in general, Australian shepherds (auss) differ in good health, however there are genetic diseases to which they are predisposed.
On a photo: Australian shepherd (auss)
  1. Cataract. This disease not necessarily is hereditary, however if at an Australian shepherd the bilateral, steadily developing cataract — most likely, this genetic disease.
  2. the Progressing retina atrophy.
  3. Wrong bite (having a snack, недоскус, cross bite, nepolnozubost). This defect can be eliminated by prevention in cultivation of Australian shepherds with similar defect.
  4. Autoimmune diseases at Australian shepherds can be dangerous. It люпус, demodekozny itch also tireodit. However only the predisposition is descended, and there will be a disease or not, depends on living conditions of a dog.
  5. Deafness.
  6. Diseases of a cardiovascular system (heart failure).
  7. Diseases of kidneys.
  8. Australian shepherds of a red color sometimes badly feel under direct beams of the sun.
  9. Dysplasia of coxofemoral joints. For Australian shepherds X-ray on detection of a disease is obligatory, however the dysplasia still occurs in this breed quite often. But early diagnostics allows to slow down development of a disease and to help to lead auss the most full-fledged life.
  10. Epilepsy. This disease is most often shown at the age of 8 months — 6 years.
If you noticed the guarding symptoms (lameness, slackness, loss of appetite, etc.) at an Australian shepherd, as soon as possible address the veterinarian.

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