• Dec 3, 2019
Health of the American bulldog , as a rule, does not cause concerns. The American bulldogs – strong and in general healthy dogs. However can suffer from an allergy and have problems with joints of front and back extremities.

it is important to img src="/upload/temp-content/uploads/posts/2017-10/1508831593_6.jpg" of alt="American Bulldog" class="img-responsive" to watch over health of the American bulldog

Opinion that allergies are subject only white American bulldogs – no more than delusion, the confirming statistics does not exist. As a rule, if the allergy came to light, it becomes the lifelong problem demanding a constant diet. But there are also disposable allergies caused by street reagents, stings of insects, household chemicals, etc. A big problem – a hereditary or constant allergy to this or that food. Discuss this issue with the manufacturer.
One more possible problem – a dysplasia of elbow joints and also much more frequent dysplasia of coxofemoral joints. This disease can turn back years of treatment, up to surgery. Serious degree of a dysplasia does not allow a dog to lead full-fledged life. The disease can not always be measured "by eye", the real picture is shown by only hardware diagnostics.
In addition, representatives of breed can have unilateral or bilateral deafness, skin diseases (they can indicate also problems with immunity), zavoroty a century.
If you noticed that the American bulldog became sluggish, badly eats or some other signs of an indisposition appeared – as soon as possible see the veterinarian.

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