• Dec 10, 2019

As a rule, the Argentina mastiffs are quite healthy and hardy dogs. Average life expectancy of the Argentina mastiff – about 11 years, however there are long-livers who well feel also in 15 years that for a large dog there is a lot of.

The Argentina Mastiff Lies a Photo

On a photo: Argentina mastiff

But there are diseases to which the Argentina mastiffs are predisposed.

  1. Allergy, mainly food. Symptoms: a severe itch, reddenings on a muzzle, ears, in a groin, on paws and in armpits. Address the veterinarian, with his help find out on what at a dog an allergy, and exclude this product from a diet of the Argentina mastiff.
  2. Zavorot of a stomach. Symptoms: weakness, rapid breathing, belly-aches, noticeable abdominal distension, vomiting. If not to render to the Argentina mastiff urgent to help, he will die. Treatment – operation.
  3. Congenital deafness.
  4. Glaucoma. Symptoms: redness, turbidity of an eye, constant dacryagogue, sometimes – squint.
  5. Dysplasia of coxofemoral and elbow joints. The disease is incurable, however the Argentina mastiff can facilitate life if in time to diagnose it and correctly to contain. You watch that the dog had no excess weight. Symptoms: lameness, podvolakivaniye of paws.

It is easier to prevent many diseases of the Argentina mastiff, than to cure. For this purpose it is necessary that the dog moved quite a lot, well ate and contained in acceptable conditions.

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