• Dec 11, 2019
As a rule, health of the Bern sennenhund does not cause concerns. These are the healthy and strong dogs not inclined to morbid depression. But life in city conditions, the stress, bad living conditions and insufficient level of activity can significantly reduce life of the Bern sennenhund.
The Bern Sennenhund in Photo Snow
On a photo: Bern sennenhund
Is diseases to which the Bern sennenhunds are predisposed.
  1. the Becoming wet eczema. Symptoms: the superficial bursting abscesses on skin causing strong discomfort. Reason: dirt, dust, sting of an insect, chronic stress, bad food. Address the veterinarian who will appoint adequate treatment after identification of an etiology.
  2. Umbilical hernia – it can be noticed at a 2-month-old puppy. As a rule, if hernia small, it does not disturb a dog and operation is not necessary. If hernia big, operation is performed.
  3. Heatstrokes. You watch that the Bern sennenhund was not long time under direct beams of the sun.
  4. Diseases of eyes: the progressing atrophy of a retina and a cataract. These diseases can lead to a blindness of the Bern sennenhund. It is desirable to consult with the veterinarian regularly.
  5. Gistiotsitoz – the congenital disease which is, presumably, descended. Symptoms: arrhythmia, temperature increase, weakness, loss of appetite. The disease progresses quickly and often comes to an end with the death of the Bern sennenhund.
  6. Dysplasia of coxofemoral joints. As a rule, see a doctor in case of lameness. Diagnostics includes X-ray and if the disease is confirmed, the veterinarian appoints the supporting therapy. Particularly complex cases demand surgical intervention.
  7. Congenital pathology of kidneys. The genetic disease, but at early age is not diagnosed. Therefore, buying a puppy, specify what the previous generations died of. If in ancestors of a dog there was someone, suffering from this disease, your pet is in a risk zone.
  8. Oncological diseases even more often occur in the Bern sennenhunds. The risk can be reduced, having provided good living conditions and high-quality feeding.
Often diseases can be prevented or cured quicker and more simply if to notice them at an early stage. Therefore pay attention to behavior, appearance and health of the Bern sennenhund. If noticed the guarding signs, as soon as possible address the veterinarian. It will help to keep health of the Bern sennenhund.

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