• Jan 24, 2020

However is large, heavy dogs and as many relatives with the same constitution, can suffer from a dysplasia of elbow and coxofemoral joints. In hard cases the illness can immobilize the pet completely. Therefore when choosing a puppy ask results of inspection of parents, and whenever possible – and farther ancestors.

is Not so frequent, but nevertheless violation of functioning of a thyroid gland – гипотериоз meets.

Hereditary гиперкератоз – the illness connected with a thickening of the top layer of epidermis on small pillows of paws. The formed cracks serve as "gate" for penetration of infections.

Anyway if the dog became sluggish, inactive, refuses food or shows other unpleasant symptoms, it is worth addressing the veterinarian immediately. If you notice symptoms of a disease in time and will begin treatment, it will help to keep health of the Bordeaux mastiff.

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