• Dec 11, 2019

the Boxer – a dog strong by sight, but it does not demonstrate good health at all. The answer to the question " How many there live boxers? " — alas, unfavourable. According to official data, representatives of breed live up to 13 years, however in reality boxers seldom meet 10 years are more senior.

Dog of Breed Boxer of a Photo On a photo: the dog of breed the boxer

Immunity of boxers has gaps in this connection your pet can be prone to an allergy. The healthy nutrition is important for these dogs.

Sometimes at representatives of breed it is shown демодекоз – a parasitic disease. Carefully and regularly examine the pet's body, and having found changes of an integument, address the veterinarian.

The dysplasia of coxofemoral joints is observed at boxers. Symptoms: pain, lameness. If not to treat a dog, she experiences awful tortures. Obesity therefore do not overfeed the pet can provoke a dysplasia.

Boxers are subject to oncological diseases. Having found a tumor, immediately go to the veterinarian.

The wrong feeding is fraught with gastrointestinal diseases which sometimes demand surgery.

The boxer can suffer gipoteriozy – dysfunction of a thyroid gland. External manifestations: baldness, obesity, skin rashes, a hyperpegmentation are possible.

Representatives of breed easily catch a cold therefore crude, cold rooms – not for them. Also it is worth limiting walking during windy and wet weather.

Heart diseases are descended. When choosing a puppy specify whether was at his ancestors of similar problems.

The shortened muzzle – the reason of a brakhiotsefalny syndrome. In this case the dog in a dream snores, breathes hoarsely and suffers from short wind which amplifies during the training, walk or during a heat.

Also deafness, an aritmogenny cardiomyopathy of the right ventricle and the aortal stenosis deforming спондилез meets (the backbone disease, can lead to paralysis) and diseases of eyes (заворот or an eversion of a century).

If you noticed any symptoms of diseases (lameness, slackness, apathy, disorder of digestion, etc.), as soon as possible address the veterinarian.

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