• Dec 5, 2019
during formation of breed the English bulldogs turned from fighters into decorative dogs, and it caused exaggeration of characteristic features: the head increased, the muzzle and paws of steel are shorter, and folds are deeper. And all this negatively affected health of the English bulldogs.

Big loading is the share of bones, but not of muscles of extremities. Bulldogs quickly get tired, "get" cardiovascular diseases and have short wind. They need to sleep much and in general to have a rest, but it can lead to obesity, increases load of a liver and heart and becomes the reason of early aging.

Short airways — the reason of catarrhal diseases and sensitivity to overheating. The heat and the increased humidity can cause a laryngeal edema that too can end letalno. Heatstroke — a frequent cause of death of dogs of this breed. But even if the dog survives, she becomes even more sensitive to high temperatures.

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Short airways are also the reason of loud snore and speak about not too good health of the English bulldog.
owing to physiological features, the American bulldogs quite often suffer from loss of the third century, the zavorot a century, baldness, dislocation of a patella, a pidodermiya, dermatitis, a brakhitsefalny syndrome, a demodekoz, conjunctivitis, inflammation of a middle ear.

Genetic diseases at the English bulldogs

a Number of diseases is transferred genetically, they can be shown at any moment of life of your dog and even to become the reason of his early death. Therefore before taking a puppy in the house, it is useful to learn from the manufacturer whether tests for genetic diseases and what their results were carried out to puppy parents.
  1. the Malignant hyperthermia is not a disease, but a syndrome which is shown only at application of a number of medicines for an anesthesia (in case of operations). Violation of a warm rhythm, a renal failure, a sharp necrosis of skeletal muscles and death can be observed.
  2. the Multifocal retinopathy — the disease connected with changes of a retina of an eye and which is usually not affecting sight. Defeats can disappear, but if the disease develops, then the insignificant skladchatost of a retina at the expense of a degeneration of cages is formed. Eyes grow turbid, there can be spots or an eye drags on a whitish film. Symptoms are shown at young dogs (up to 13 months).
  3. Giperurikozuriya is the hereditary disease connected with accumulation of salts of uric acid and formation of stones.
Unfortunately, breed does not differ in longevity, but at good heredity and competent leaving life expectancy of the English bulldog can make up to 15 years.

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