• Dec 10, 2019

the English cocker spaniels have predisposition to a number of diseases. Therefore if you take a puppy, take an interest whether parents have results of tests for the following diseases:
  1. the Collapse caused by physical activities. This hereditary disease is recognized as a syndrome now. The English cocker spaniel having this disease well copes with moderate loadings, but the exercises connected with big power expenses, in 5 – 15 minutes lead to rocking, loss of control over back extremities, sometimes – to paralysis of all 4 paws. If to give to a dog rest, then in 10 – 30 minutes she returns to normal, but also the lethal outcome meets. As a rule, the first symptoms are shown at the age of 5 months – 3 years. Most often active, irritable dogs have this disease.
  2. the Degenerative miyelopatiya – a serious illness which result is paralysis of back extremities. The first symptoms are shown at adult dogs (most often in 8 – 14 years). Early manifestations: weakness of extremities, a shuffling on asphalt. Then the dog begins to experience difficulties when rising, loses balance, the mobility of a tail disappears. As a rule, the disease lasts no more than 3 years, then there comes paralysis. Treatment does not exist.
  3. Insufficiency of a fosfofruktokinaza – a disease which leads to the general weakening of an organism of the English cocker spaniel. Symptoms: anemia, muscle weakness, spasms and spasms. There is no treatment at the moment.
  4. the Progressing retina atrophy – a hereditary disease which leads to a blindness. Externally eyes of the English cocker spaniel having this disease look normally, but it is possible to notice that the dog hardly is guided in the dark, and then – and on light. Treatment is not developed yet. However, the dog is capable to compensate a blindness at the expense of other sense organs.
  5. Giperurikozuriya – a disease of which accumulation of salts of uric acid and formation of stones is characteristic.
Long ears of the English cocker spaniel need regular survey and cleaning as these dogs are inclined to otitises.
Anyway, you watch closely behavior and health of the English cocker spaniel. If noticed the guarding signs, as soon as possible address the veterinarian.
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