• Dec 20, 2019
dratkha, дратхар field
On a photo: German дратхаар
the German dratkhaara are predisposed to the following diseases: заворот guts (abdominal distension), dysplasia of a coxofemoral joint, hypothyroidism, diabetes, otitis, razlizanny granuloma, interdigital dermatitis, crude eczema.

More rare, but nevertheless a cataract, заворот centuries, the progressive atrophy of a retina of an eye, a mastotsitom, Von Willebrand's disease, a melanoma, a rupture of a kranialny crucial ligament, an aorta stenosis meet.

It is desirable to specify whether parents have results of tests for the hereditary diseases characteristic of the German dratkhaar.

  1. the hereditary disease connected with accumulation of salts of uric acid and formation of stones is Giperurikozuriya's


  2. the Degenerative miyelopatiya of dogs — the serious progressing neurodegenerative illness causing paralysis of back extremities. It is connected with violation of functioning of motor-neurons of a spinal cord owing to simplification (degeneration) of their nervous terminations. The disease begins with almost imperceptible weakness of one or both hind legs. Then it becomes difficult to rise from a prone position or sitting. The dog periodically loses balance, coordination then paralysis develops is broken.

  3. the Malignant hyperthermia is not a disease, but a syndrome, is shown only at application of a number of medicines at anesthesia. Violation of a warm rhythm, a renal failure, a sharp necrosis of skeletal muscles and death can be observed.

  4. the Collapse caused by physical activities — one more hereditary disease. Now it is considered a syndrome. The dog normally transfers moderate loadings, however in 5 — 15 minutes of intensive exercises collapse symptoms can develop.


the pet. If you see frightening symptoms: slackness, refusal of food, temperature increase, disorder of digestion or others, address the veterinarian.

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