• Dec 17, 2019

As a rule, health of the Hungarian vyzhla does not cause concern in the owner as the immune system strong and dogs are rather hardy. The Hungarian vyzhla often live 14 – 15 years and are never ill during this time. Genetic diseases meet infrequently.

Hungarian Left Sits on Photo Sand

On a photo: Hungarian left

Nevertheless, there are diseases to which the Hungarian vyzhla are predisposed with a target= more, than to others.

  1. Dysplasia of coxofemoral joints. It can have different degree of expressiveness – from lameness to a full obezdvizhennost of a dog. In time to reveal a disease, it is possible to make the x-ray and to consult at the expert. Carriers of a disease should not be allowed in cultivation.
  2. Food allergy.
  3. Otitis which is connected with long trailing ears of the Hungarian vyzhla. Prevention – correct leaving for a dog, to be exact — regular cleaning of ears (2 times a week) by means of special means which are on sale in vetapteka.
  4. Zavorot of a stomach. If at the Hungarian vyzhla happened заворот a stomach, immediately address the veterinarian. Prevention – the correct feeding of a dog (for example, the Hungarian vyzhla it is not recommended to feed before a pogulka and physical exercises).
  5. Vascular hemophilia – a hereditary disease Hungarian выжл which is characterized by incoagulability of blood. Not to face this threat for health of the Hungarian vyzhla, choose a puppy from the checked nursery where manufacturers responsibly treat health of producers.
  6. Epilepsy – one more threat for health of the Hungarian vyzhla. The same council, as in the previous case: to choose nursery where do not allow dogs with similar diseases to cultivation. Inquire, learn how many there live dogs from this nursery, communicate to owners of the grown-up puppies if there is such opportunity.

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