• Jan 13, 2020
the Pomeranian spitz-dog lives 12 — 16 years. However health of the Pomeranian spitz-dog you will not call very strong. Representatives of breeds are predisposed to a number of diseases.
the Atlanto-aktsipitalny incomplete dislocation can demand operation, but also conservative treatment is possible. Consequences are difficult to predict.
Medial dislocation of a patella or congenital dislocation of an elbow joint — congenital pathology, is dangerous by the increased traumatism. Treatment: conservative or quick.
the Hypothyroidism — violation of work of a thyroid gland — also quite often meets at the Pomeranian spitz-dog.
the Sick sinus syndrome — a cardiovascular disease. It is difficult to diagnose it because of blurring of symptoms. The dog can lose control over muscles and suffer from oxygen starvation.
Collapse of a trachea is diagnosed seldom as sudden cough can not be alarming at the owner. Consequences: degeneration of fabrics of rings of a trachea and threat of life of a dog.
Sometimes spitz-dogs suffer from diseases of eyes: cataracts, entropiona (deformation of a century), progressive atrophy of a retina.

As well as many tiny dogs, representatives of breed can experience difficulties at the time of delivery. At dogs the trouble — tumors of testicles (good-quality or malignant).

Also at dogs can be observed a kriptorkhizm — not omission of one or both testicles in a scrotum.

If is not developed growth hormone, the nanizm — a congenital dwarfism is diagnosed. Problems with nervous system, baldness or camber of eyeballs can become consequences.

Sometimes at spitz-dogs is shown an alopetion of X — a disease of black skin. It causes baldness. At the same time the pet does not feel discomfort. More often the illness is shown at dogs, than at a bough.
pack of the Pomeranian spitz-dogs of bitter oranges of a photo On a photo: Pomeranian spitz-dogs

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