• Jan 14, 2020

Samoyeds practically did not change since helped the northern people to perform hard work therefore health of the Samoyed still rather strong. However there are diseases to which the breed is subject more, than to others.

It is desirable for
to specify whether puppy parents have results of tests for the hereditary diseases characteristic of Samoyeds.
  1. the Degenerative miyelopatiya of dogs – the serious progressing neurodegenerative illness causing paralysis of back extremities. It is connected with violation of functioning of motor-neurons of a spinal cord owing to simplification (degeneration) of their nervous terminations. The disease begins with almost imperceptible weakness of one or both hind legs. Then it becomes difficult to rise from a prone position or sitting. The dog periodically loses balance, coordination then paralysis develops is broken. Most often duration of a disease does not exceed 3 years.
  2. Sensitivity to medicines.
  3. the Progressing retina atrophy – the general name of group of diseases of a retina of the eyes causing damage to photoreceptor cages (flasks and sticks) up to their death. The twilight sight suffers from the first, then the dog loses also day sight. As a rule, the first symptoms are shown at the age of 3 – 5 years. Characteristic sign: constantly expanded pupils for the maximum catching of light and also so-called "tunnel sight".
  4. Giperurikozuriya is the hereditary disease connected with accumulation of salts of uric acid and formation of stones.
can meet At Samoyeds a dysplasia of coxofemoral joints, an abdominal distension, a cataract, diabetes, an aorta stenosis, glaucoma, congenital deafness, infections of urinary tract and arthritises.

If you noticed at the Samoyed slackness, lameness, small appetite, temperature increase, disorder of digestion or other frightening symptoms, it is better not to risk and seem to the veterinarian.

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