• Mar 30, 2019

Hurrah! At last there was a long-awaited event, and in the house the puppy appeared! However it not only joy and entertainment, but also heavy responsibility. The first days on the new place are very important for a little dog. It was taken away from mother, brothers and sisters with whom he spent all the time. Of course, it will be necessary to come to the rescue of a puppy in adaptation in the new house.

Help to a Puppy in Adaptation in the New House

7 useful advice will help all who will come up against such situation.

In order that did not arise difficulties with education of the growing-up animal, it is necessary initially, from the first days of his life on the new place, to follow several simple rules:

How to Help to Adapt to a Puppy in the New House

How to Accustom to Itself a Puppy

  • The owner should take time off at work or a holiday as sharp transition from the big company to loneliness can harmful affect mentality of the kid. Then teeth will be put to use, and the set of things will be damaged irrevocably.
  • The little dog surely has to have the vacation spot where it is necessary to place a piece of a laying on which puppies slept — the familiar smell will help to get used to an unusual situation quicker.
  • As all society which is available to a doggie now is his owner, the last has to take care of leisure of the pet and to spend all the time of wakefulness of the kid together with it in games, entertainments and cleaning behind it. As sofas and chairs are inaccessible to a puppy, it is necessary to play with him on a floor.
  • There is a puppy has to in a certain place, in the first days — at obligatory presence of the owner, seeing the hands imposing food to it in a bowl that there was a trust to these hands.
  • In the next days the owner of a dog has to begin to accustom the kid to the absence, leaving it for some time alone.
  • The dog child needs games too and expresses the desire in the way available to it — growling, bark and biting for legs. The loving owner should not refuse to it it. It is necessary as in the first days to go down from height of the growth on a floor to a puppy and to trifle it. For calm it is possible to stroke it on a tummy, it will remind him mother's caress.
  • From the first days the animal can begin to be trained in rules of good form — not to allow to jump on the owner, to try to obtain that the puppy kept at a distance, waited when feed, executed the simplest commands, was able to follow the owner's legs.

the Main thing — at acquisition of the living being should be remembered that all caress and love which he can receive from the owner are necessary for it. And if there was an unforeseen damage of things, the owner has to accuse himself of carelessness, but not punish the kid.

Implementation of the called rules will serve as pledge of happy life with an adult dog.

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