• Feb 22, 2019

Among dog ammunition the collar, perhaps, is the most necessary accessory: the dog carries it since childhood it would Seem, it is simple to choose it. But it should be taken into account a set of nuances, beginning from age of a dog and finishing with for what case it is bought. Here councils for the choice of a collar will be necessary and as to put on it without stress for a dog.

Councils for the Choice of a Collar

For a puppy

Types of collars — a set. At manufacturers and experienced dog breeders they are daily, ceremonial, training, exhibition and even house .

Collar on a Shchenochka

  • Life of a dog, as a rule, of begins with a tape piece on a button which careful owners put on at week age. It can be with the put tag to avoid confusion of puppies. At the same time it soft and safe — does not press and does not drag on if it suddenly is undone during the games.
  • At the age of 2−3 months puppies usually get the new owner and the house. As soon as the kid accustoms, can already put on a collar with a buckle . The rule simple — the choice not from the lowest price category. You should not take an accessory "for growth" — the long dangling end will cause inconveniences.

For an adult dog

To an adult dog the collar is selected from calculation that between it and a neck were located two fingers .

is preferable to choose model where the buckle and a ring will be approximately the friend opposite to the friend — it will prevent an excessive provorachivaniye and a vyryvaniye of wool. It is worth paying attention and to a seam: ideally it has to be outside or sideways.

Collar for an Adult Dog

Other councils:

Collar Strogach

  • Collars are, as a rule, made of leather, synthetics or their combination. If there is an opportunity, get models with soft filing from fleece or felt inside. In it to a dog it will be very comfortable.
  • There are situations when it can be necessary "строгач". Choose model in which thorns are strictly perependikulyarno to a neck. Remember that it is necessary not to all dogs. Besides, such accessory is applied only in the presence of the experienced cynologist.
  • Ringovka are developed for exhibitions. As a rule, they are made of thin skin or a wattled cord. Ringovka has the loop form. It has no fastener and elements of a decor. It is selected under a color of a dog. The accessory has to be the most imperceptible.
  • Collars for tiny dogs with a large number of bows and a rhinestone and also with external thorns for large breeds belong to the category of front doors.
  • The basic rule — houses the neck of a dog is free. Hair of a dog has to have a rest and restore the form. They need to be cleaned and to wash as required.

What to do if the collar is for the first time put on an adult dog? The main thing — the maximum tactfulness.

Collar on a Dog

For a start needs to give the chance to a dog just to get acquainted with a thing, to sniff at it. To begin to accustom best of all before food — the dog on it will not concentrate, food is much more important for it.

Then it is possible to try to put on it before a game or walk. There will pass not enough time, and the dog will begin to connect putting on with things, pleasant for it, and even to wait when it is put on.

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