• Nov 21, 2018


History of a bullmastiff contains several centuries. At the end of the 18th century mentions of interesting dogs – hybrids of bulldogs and mastiffs appeared.

 the Bullmastiff takes photo delicacy

On a photo: bullmastiff. Photo:

The woods of Europe teemed with poachers, and security dogs who helped huntsmen at night were necessary. Especially as work of the huntsman was dangerous – as illegal hunting was punished by the gallows, poachers who had nothing to lose did not shun also murder. So bullmastiffs had to combine security qualities of mastiffs, persistence of bulldogs, indefatigability and scent of a hound. And not for nothing bullmastiffs were christened "night hunters of poachers".


As a result of efforts of selectors of England the bullmastiff – a fearless, silent, powerful dog who forced down the poacher from legs and held before arrival of the huntsman turned out, without allowing to move.

Later to bullmastiffs flowed blood of the German mastiffs and dogs of other breeds.

In 1925 the manufacturer Mozelya founded National club of police bullmastiffs. It presented a 5-year-old dog who very much was pleasant to public at an exhibition a year later. As a result in 1927 breed the bullmastiff recognized the English kennel-club.

World War II caused to breed a loss, however bullmastiffs managed to be saved.

the Bullmastiff still kept quite good working qualities and is used on service in police and also as the security guard, including on diamond mines in the Republic of South Africa.

Bullmastiffs are especially popular in Great Britain, Finland, Norway and Sweden. That these dogs are obedient, operated are not inclined to aggression and well get on with children, they deserved glory of good partners. Besides, they are not so slyunyava as their relatives of the similar sizes.


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