• Dec 10, 2019

The name the affenpinscher is literally translated from German as "a monkey pinscher". The history of breed an affenpinscher leaves by the 16th century when the German artists represented in the pictures of the small doggies similar to present affenpinschers. However only at the beginning of the 19th century documentary evidences of existence of these dogs appeared.

 the Affenpinscher of a photo

On a photo: affenpinscher. Photo source: http://www.dogbreedslist.info

There is a hypothesis that ancestors of an affenpinscher are terriers and the Bruxelles griffons. Some are convinced that in removal of affenpinschers was not without mopsopodobny dogs. One more theory says that it is an affenpinscher – the ancestor of the Bruxelles griffon, and not vice versa. So there is no consensus about the history of breed an affenpinscher.

Nevertheless, it is known that these small doggies were removed for hunting for rodents, including rats. And later hunters began to use them for getting of rabbits and quails.

In 1886 affenpinschers participated in the London exhibition. In 1896 the breed was registered in Great Britain. And in 1902 the first breeding book of breed an affenpinscher appeared.

In 1935 affenpinschers arrived in the USA, and a year later they were recognized by the American kennel-club.

Thanks to unusual appearance and almost ideal character the affenpinscher quickly won popularity among fans of dogs. Today they do not catch rats any more, and "work" as faithful and tender partners.

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