• Dec 3, 2019
the History of breed American to the bull began

in the 90th years of the 20th century when manufacturers of the USA began to cross pit bull terriers and the American Staffordshire terriers. Improvement of character of a pit bull terrier and decrease in aggression in relation to other animals was the purpose. Therefore character American to the bull differs from character of a pit bull terrier. The main work on removal American to the bull was conducted in Virginia and South Carolina, however soon these dogs began to gain popularity in all territory of the USA.

 American to the bull of a photo

On a photo: American to the bull

In removal of breed American to the bull also such breeds as the Staffordshire bull terrier, the English bulldog, a bull terrier and the American bulldog were used.

As American to the bull independently of each other was engaged in removal of breed a great number of manufacturers, there is no uniform type of an exterior still. the Standard American to the bull is not accepted by FCI yet. Is American to the bull which there are much more pit bull terriers, and there are also those who much less.

The bulk of breeders of the American Staffordshire terriers and pit bull terriers apprehended emergence of new breed, to put it mildly, half-heartedly. They considered American to the bull a dog who cannot brag of either appearance, or working qualities. Nevertheless, the popularity among public led to the fact that the quantity of dogs is already quite high, moreover, American to the bull began to appear already and in Europe.

Now American to the bull, generally carry out a role of partners, however also working dogs meet.

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