• Dec 4, 2019

The American Staffordshire terriers are known more than three centuries. Their primogenitors – the English bulldog and a terrier (presumably, white English). The English bulldogs were courageous, fearless, strong and hardy. Modern amstaffa kept these qualities.

Background of breed амстафф

In the far Middle Ages British had a good time "gladiatorial fights" of animals — persecution by dogs of bulls, bears, boars and even tigers and monkeys. Mastiffs and bulldogs who were used initially lacked ease and quickness in a fight. They often perished under hoofs, horns or the opponent's canines.

Owners looked for a way to improve the "fighting vehicle for what conducted selection towards reduction of the sizes and increase in mobility, keeping at the same time combativity. Crossing of a bulldog with a terrier at the beginning of 19 century gave life to breed "bul-and-terrier" in which connected strength of a bulldog to aggression and speed of a terrier.

After the ban by the English parliament on fights with bulls in 1835, the breed was reoriented on fights with similar. It demanded from dogs of other psychophysical qualities that it caused further "teryerization" of breed. For determination of breed versions of the name were also used: Staffordshire terrier, pitas mastiffs, pit bull terrier. Over time the uniform name "Staffordshire bull terrier" as we know it and today gained a foothold in England.

Development of breed амстафф

19 was a century cruel. Fights extended to the USA, Canada, Mexico. Also influenced further selection work. The special role in formation of breed was played by Americans.

After the Civil war in the USA (1861-1865), to America the flow of the British migrants rushed. It is considered that they brought combative dogs, than promoted revival of a cruel entertainment (at that time in England dog fights already were under the strict ban). Bull-and-teryerov crossed to other breeds, selecting from posterity of the most perspective in the fighting plan. At different times they were called differently: pitas mastiffs pit bull terriers, later — the American bull terriers and Yankee terriers.

The joint film logical club (United Kennel Club — UKC) created in 1898 in the State of Michigan continued to stake on fighting qualities of breed and the pit bull terrier developed breed under the name (as it was generally called in those days). Besides, dogs undertook also other work: protection of houses and farms, hunting for wolves and coyotes. In this regard farmers selected in a dung of larger individuals.

But not all dog breeders were fond of fights and hunting. Participation in exhibitions in this connection the standard began to be developed was important for some more attention was paid to an exterior. The dog similar to a pit bull terrier, but not always used as fighting became result. Them also called a Staffordshire terriers. In 1936 the breed of odes the name "Staffordshire terrier" was recognized by the American film logical club (American Kennel Club — AKC) — the main American organization in world cultivation of thoroughbred dogs.

Approximately at the same time created the first club of fans of straffordshirsky terriers. And in 1941 the American Staffordshire was chosen as "a dog of year". Two camps of manufacturers were formed: the first cultivated fighting qualities (and registered the American pit bull terriers), and others recognized the American staffordshire, without recognizing pit bull terriers.

In 1971 amstaff the International film logical federation (FCI) recognized, the FCI No. 286 standard was approved on May 26, 1971.

And in 1972 the American film logical club "the Staffordshire terrier" in advantage "the American Staffordshire terrier" revised the name of breed. It was made on purpose, to emphasize difference from the British relative who remained once on the historical homeland — the Staffordshire bull terrier.

Today these breeds often confuse not only by names, but also appearance. Though амстафф is higher in withers (approximately on 8 cm) and kilograms 5 heavier than the British fellow. It is caused by addiction of the American manufacturers to larger and long-legged dogs.

Amstaffy and present

Representatives of breed began to get to our Penates in the late eighties 20 century. The first dogs were delivered from Austria, Germany, Yugoslavia and the USA. Then the popularity of these dogs began to grow promptly.

The increased demand led to the fact that the great number of the dogs who are not conforming to standards at all including with very unstable mentality began to part. Played a role and illiteracy of many owners, and dishonesty of manufacturers. As a result the sad glory of "dogs murderers" was assigned to amstaffa.

It is unfair – they do not differ in ferocity, especially in relation to people at all. Selection very long time ago in many respects "killed" in them and fighting qualities. As a rule, aggression is shown only by those representatives of breed who purposefully in it were trained. And it already – entirely on conscience of owners.

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