• Nov 29, 2019

The history of emergence of breed the Australian shepherd is foggy.

On a photo: Australian shepherd (auss)

Is the version that dogs got to the USA in the company of the Basque emigrants from Spain where grazed herds. Others are convinced that these dogs got on the new homeland through Beringov an isthmus. One more version: when in 1849 the gold-rush began, to California representatives of many countries, including Australians who carried with themselves shepherd's dogs in large quantities migrated. And, at last, some consider ancestors of Australian shepherds sacks — the English shepherd's breed of dog, on a type similar to an Australian shepherd.

Is clear one: the breed was formed in the west of the USA in 19 — 20 centuries. And for the first manufacturers in Australian shepherds working qualities, but not an exterior were main.
of Aussi well transfer height differences so they became irreplaceable at cattle stages near the Rocky Mountains. Australian shepherds began to be bred in Colorado, but soon they became well-known outside the state.
Why was assigned to Australian shepherds also the name "auss", it is precisely unknown. Though called them differently: both Californian sheep-dogs, and Mexican, and Austrian.
the American farmers very much loved Australian shepherds: those phenomenally quickly adapted to accommodation conditions on any farm and were famous for surprising mutual understanding with the owner. And the shepherd's instinct in them is so strong that even absolutely little puppies are almost ready shepherds!

of Style of work of an Australian shepherd of an aussa is other than style of work of a Border Collie. Australian shepherds do not drop to the earth, do not hang the head, and in general work more quickly with cattle.
At that time Australian shepherds of an aussa were not uniform breed. And till 40th years of the 20th century of any coordinated breeding work it was not conducted. Some enthusiasts were fond of selection.
the Leading role in creation of breed the Australian shepherd belongs to the American cowboy Jay Sisler from Idaho. Jay earned by demonstration performances from a rodeo, and in 1939 bought auss without family tree. Thanks to this dog he was fond of cultivation of Australian shepherds, and made it the profession later.

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