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the Austrian pinscher before the beginning of the 20th century was not considered as separate breed, however the history of breed the Austrian pinscher contains several centuries. For example, pictures of the beginning of the 18th century represent the dogs almost identical to modern Austrian pinschers. So, the breed appeared much earlier.

there Is no authentic information about that, the Austrian pinscher was how exactly brought. Possibly, they existed in the territory inhabited by the German tribes and accompanied owners during invasion into the Roman Empire. There is a version that ancestors of the Austrian pinschers are the Danish-Swedish shepherd's dogs.

 Austrian pinscher of a photo Photo: google.ru also the origin of the name "pinscher" Is not clear
. Most likely, it is connected with style of the attack at which the dog is enough and shakes the victim ("pinch"). pinschers were extraordinary extended by
In Austria, especially among farmers. There is a probability that in the history of breed dogs of neighboring countries "participated": Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia. In the 16th century Austria began to occupy promptly new territories, having turned into the Austro-Hungarian empire, and the Austrian pinschers expanded a dwelling areola.

Farmers appreciated the Austrian pinschers exclusive working capacity and cared for that to breed other blood were not added. The temperament of a dog, protective properties and ability to care for posterity, but not appearance was of great importance for selection. At the same time it was important that the dog did not show aggression to the cattle therefore she hunting instincts and hostility to big animals was considered as defect. Though pinschers can still show aggression in relation to small living creatures, for example, to mice and rats.

Austria got beaten In World War I and lost practically all territories. For the Austrian pinschers this period was pernicious – the livestock of dogs was sharply reduced. However they were lucky – the count Hawk became interested in pinschers and began to buy dogs who, according to him, resembled native German dogs. He managed to interest also other manufacturers, and in 1928 the Austrian pinscher was recognized by unique breed not only the Austrian film logical club, but also FCI (The international film logical federation).

The Austrian pinscher – the only officially recognized Austrian breed of dog which was removed not for hunting.

In the thirties the 20th centuries Austria comprehended economic difficulties, and then World War II burst, and was not before cultivation of dogs any more. Therefore though pinschers still remained on farms and in villages, to them blood of other dogs were added. And in the 70th years of the 20th century of thoroughbred Austrian pinschers almost did not remain. Several enthusiasts made attempt to restore breed, bringing together dogs of working lines on farms across all Austria, not paying attention to existence of family trees, and placing emphasis on compliance to standards. Nevertheless, the gene pool was very poor. However, subsequently it was found out that more Austrian pinschers, than in the homeland abroad remained, and these dogs safely participated in cultivation.

In 2000 FCI gave breed the official name "Austrian pinscher", and in 2002 in Austria created Club of fans of the Austrian pinschers. A main objective — advance of breed and detection of new dogs who can be included in the breeding book.

However, despite efforts of admirers, the Austrian pinscher – extremely rare breed which is on the verge of extinction."

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