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the Name of breed comes from French "Bas" ("low") and "Set" (put). British called Hound'ami hounds. So "basset hound" literally means "low put hound".
 the Basset hound of a photo On a photo: a basset hound
of Bassets was initially used as for "silent" hunting – search of truffles, and for quite themselves "loud" — the shelter of a game in a dense bush. And these dogs had accurate specialization: if them accustomed to chase a wolf, the hare was not interesting to them. Each dog followed in the tracks, but did not rush behind the others.

consider Ancestors of bassets st hyubertov – nowadays died out French hounds. Ancient film logical books describe two kinds of undersized hounds: artesian and Flemish. Artesian "brought into world" bassets. Flemings mixed with terriers.

After the French revolution hunting became very popular. And hunting pedestrian as horses for many were unattainable luxury. And bassets with whom it was without effort possible to keep up at a slow pace perfectly were suitable for this purpose.

In 1876 representatives of breed got to England and thanks to Sir Everett Millesu won popularity. The popular writer had passion to hunting, but at the same time production of a game was not a main goal. He was seduced more by prosecution, and he considered hunting successful even if returned empty-handed.

Sir Everett followed advice of experienced manufacturers, having crossed an undersized hound to a beagle. However, though there was already a preliminary standard of breed, the description was so indistinct that in cultivation all individuals who are more or less suitable under the description were allowed.

the First official club of fans of bassets appeared in 1928 in England. Soon the breed began to be crossed to bloodhounds – larger dogs. Also there were dogs very different from an artesian basset.

Bloodhounds gave by
to basset hounds an exclusive scent thanks to what even British who considered this dog only as exhibition earlier began to use it on hunting.

In 1880 began to register breed also in the USA. Americans contributed to selection – crossed bassets and beagles. But the experiment was recognized as unsuccessful. After World War I began to cross the English basset hounds appreciated appearance and the French bassets differing in hunting abilities. As a result there was a new, American basset hound.

the Most remarkable line of appearance of modern basset hounds – ears, the longest in comparison with other breeds.

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