• Dec 11, 2019
Istria breeds the Bern sennenhund still is a subject of discussions. There are several versions of origin of breed the Bern sennenhund.
 the Bern sennenhunds of a photo On a photo: the Bern sennenhunds
a Number of researchers considers that these shepherd's dogs were known in the Roman Empire when they not only grazed the cattle, but also helped on hunting and also protected owners and their property. Also there is an opinion that Romans took these dogs with themselves in a campaign in Helvetius through the Alps when being Helvetius (present Switzerland) became colony of Romans.

In film logical literature is standard the version that sennenhunds are descendants of the Central European dogoobrazny dogs who, in turn, came from the Roman moloss.
the Way of the Bern sennenhunds to recognition was thorny. So, in 1489. The Zurich burgomaster ordered to exterminate all country shepherd's dogs under that pretext that they caused a loss to vineyards. Peasants so were indignant that they lifted a revolt, and the burgomaster flew from the post, and his head flew from shoulders.

B 19 very popular became a century St. Bernards therefore large country dogs of a red-white and ochroleucous color began to be highly appreciated very much, and three-colored remained only in the remote corners of Switzerland. There peasants were too poor to buy horses, and used these dogs as draft force.

the Swiss sennenhunds were also an object of superstitions. For example, some believed that thanks to red "eyebrows" these dogs see spirits, and their pribyly fingers are capable to frighten off evil spirit.
 the Bern sennenhund of a photo On a photo: the Bern sennenhund
played the Big role the wine maker and the owner of hotel from Burgdorf F. Shertenlyayb in formation of breed. He was an ardent admirer of these dogs and bought up them through the whole country.

In spite of the fact that in 1883 the Swiss club of dog breeders was founded, it did not recognize three-colored country dogs by breed, they were considered as mongrels. And only in 1904 Shertenlyayb with assistance of the friends achieved the organization of exhibition classes of dyurbakhler (the Bern mountain dogs) at an exhibition in Bern. It was the big step on the way to recognition of breed.

One more person thanks to whom there was a breed the Bern sennenhund – Albert Haym who parted Newfoundland dogs and was the expert of different breeds. Its representations formed the basis of a modern type of the Bern sennenhund. He offered the name of breed.

the First standard of breed the Bern sennenhund was accepted in 1907. In 1912 the Bern sennenhund club appeared.

In the forties decided to flow the 20th centuries to the Bern sennenhunds of blood of other breeds, but so far thought how to make it, one enterprising Newfoundland dog solved a problem independently, having tied one of Bern a bough. Puppies turned out successful and strongly influenced further development of breed.

Heritage of Newfoundland dogs was successful: it brought in breed the Bern sennenhund longer and direct wool, steadiness, more massive trunk.

Today the attractive appearance and pleasant character made the Bern sennenhunds quite popular dogs around the world.

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