• Dec 11, 2019
"Bichon" in France is a special small pillow for a dust stryakhivaniye from a hat. By the same word call lap dogs there. However a bichon a frieze – not a lap dog. Though probably and related breed.
 a bichon a photo frieze On a photo: a bichon a frieze the History of breed a bichon a frieze began
long ago. The immediate ancestor of a bichon a frieze – a barbette (a water spaniel). In the beginning doggies called bar bichons (little poodles), and then and bichons. These doggies "worked" as fearless rat catchers, and became later house spoiled children whom twisted, brushed and caressed.

Is several species of bichons: Maltese, Bologna, Havana and Tenerife. Possibly, the Spanish seamen delivered the last to Tenerife – the Canary island, and already from there they, having a little changed, again returned on the continent. According to other version, a doggie got to Tenerife by the ships of Phoenicians. In Europe they were known as "the Tenerife bichons" in the beginning, and already after steel "for bichons a frieze". "Frieze" means "curled".
B 14 representatives of breed were a century the main favourites of the Italian aristocracy. And a century later during the French-Italian war as trophies were taken out to France. Where became favourites of the nobility, including the Royal Court. They were called precisely "little princes" and "doggies infantas".
16 became a century gold for breed. Representatives of the high society constantly carried doggies with themselves. For this purpose under Henry III's decree the basket which could be tied up on a neck was designed. Besides, bichons were used as bed doggies hot-water bottles.
By the end of the 19th century bichons came "to the people". They served as guides, acted in circuses, accompanied organ-grinders and just ran on city streets.
In 1933 the French film logical society approved the standard of breed. Then they began to be called officially "a bichon a frieze". And one year later the breed was recognized by the International film logical federation.
After World War II representatives of breed made a trip through the Atlantic Ocean. Americans treated bichons watchfully in the beginning, however soon charming doggies subdued local population.
A from America a bichon a frieze of the beginnings a wandering on the world.
According to the French standard, is admissible only a hygienic hairstyle – straightening of wool on a muzzle and paws. Other countries of bichons cut.

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