• Dec 11, 2019
History of breed biver-Yorkshire terrier still absolutely short. Despite it, a biver-Yorkshire terrier – quite interesting breed of dog. Thanks to numerous advantages they win the increasing popularity around the world.
On a photo: a biver-Yorkshire terrier the History of breed a biver-Yorkshire terrier is very unusual
. These dogs almost entirely came from one breed – Yorkshire terriers. Biver-york – exclusively author's breed, monasteries of the creator belong to family Biver (Gertrude and Verner) from Germany.

In January, 1984 in nursery Biverov was born a puppy with white color in a color. Both parents had a standard color and successfully made a speech at an exhibition of 1981. The unusual puppy was called by Schneeflocken von Friedheck.

This parental couple brought into world three more a bough which became a breeding kernel of future breed.

to allocate and fix a gene of white spottiness, was used close inbreeding (closely related crossing). But in a further livestock it was crossed to Yorkshire terriers.

the Purpose. And at the moment the objectives are achieved.

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