• Dec 11, 2019
the Bobtail is an Old English sheep-dog. The name "bobtail" in literal translation matters "scanty tail". These dogs were called so because puppies were born with short tails. And if were born with usual tails, stopped them. It was caused by the fact that the tax on a dog in Great Britain in the 18th century depended on tail length. But now puppies of a bobtail are born with a tail, usual on length.
 the Dog a bobtail of a photo On a photo: a dog a bobtail
the Origin of breed a bobtail still is not absolutely clear to
. There is an opinion that the shepherd's dogs who removed to England in the company of dealers from Eastern Europe were ancestors of bobtails. However the appearance of bobtails at that time differed from modern dogs of this breed: they were easier and had short wool on the head. On type these dogs reminded greykhaund rather.

Bobtails were especially popular in the western counties of England. Many working Old English sheep-dogs lived in Sussex so at one time they were called the Sussex sheep-dogs. Adelaide Gosset at the beginning of the 20th century described them as gray-white shaggy creations, korotkokhvosty and very intelligent. However for the first time the breed was described by doctor Gordon Staybls.

Agrees one of versions, the breed a bobtail was initially used for a cattle stage.

By the end of the 19th century in Great Britain was many bobtails who already considerably differed by then from other shepherd's breeds. These hardy and unpretentious dogs capable it is easy to transfer the most severe climate, bright, obedient and independent, were very much appreciated by shepherds. One such dog could operate independently herd from two hundred sheep. And she worked accurately and softly, without frightening animals. Still shepherd's instinct is obviously expressed at bobtails.

the First time bobtails made a speech as
at an exhibition in 1873 (Birmingham). In 1875 there was the first breeding book, and in 1888 organized club of fans of breed. The breed was called "an Old English sheep-dog". Then for the first time adopted the standard of breed which, however, still remained almost invariable.

Old English sheep-dogs successfully participated in competitions that in the twenties led the 20th centuries to rapid growth of popularity of breed. However from the beginning of World War II the quantity of dogs was sharply reduced. And only thanks to effort of several enthusiasts the breed managed to be kept.

In the 50th years of the 20th century of bobtails began to advertize widely, and thanks to it the breed began to gain popularity among public again.

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