• Dec 19, 2019

The breed received the name by last name the creator (removed only the last letter). Friedrich Luís Dobermann, the collector of the rent and taxes and also the owner of a slaughterhouse who is earning additionally the hunter of stray dogs and the night police officer often as obliges visited "lush" places. And, feeling clear discomfort, decided to create a dog who could work as the bodyguard and in case of danger without thoughts rushed on protection.

 the Dobermann terrier of a photo On a photo: the Dobermann terrier Dobermann began Purposeful work with

in 1860. Records on process of selection are absent, but there are assumptions that in Dobermann terriers blood of the German pinscher, a Rottweiler, a mastiff, beaucerons, short-haired gun dogs, the Manchester terrier, a mastiff, a pointer and a greykhaund merged. Also hybrids were used if they conformed to the stated requirements.

In the beginning these dogs were called army and police, gendarme, tyurringsky pinschers, salted pork fats and шнупп. Their character, excellent security qualities and obedience quickly made the dogs divorced by Dobermann very popular.

Later Otto Haller, Otto Geller and Gosvin Tyshler laid a hand to creation of breed. And by 70th years of the 19th century the same dogs appeared.

Dobermann terriers of that time differed in fearlessness and fidelity, vigilance and strong nerves. The mind, malignancy, intuition and working capacity made them reliable watchmen and bodyguards.

In 1894 the breed received the name "Dobermann terrier pinscher". And since 1949 is called just "Dobermann terrier".
In 1899 founded club of fans of Dobermann terriers.

In 1960 registered breed in FCI as German. Germany submitted the standard. Changes of 1994 excluded a blue and subdead color.

Today Dobermann terriers are extended by
worldwide, but especially there are a lot of them in Germany, the USA, Norway, Holland.

introduced the ban on knocking over of tails and ears Recently. Since then the stopped dogs do not participate in the European exhibitions. Long ears and tails do Dobermann terriers not absolutely for us habitual, but adoption of new shape — a matter of time. The shape of ears and a tail does not affect qualities thanks to which the breed gained deserved popularity.

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