• Dec 5, 2019
The history of breed the English bulldog originates in antiquity. Molossa — fighting dogs from ancient Athens were ancestors of the English bulldogs. Considering similarity of these powerful dogs to mastiffs, it is possible that the boxer, a bulldog and mastiffs has general roots.
ancestors of the English bulldogs were participants of an old cruel entertainment — persecution of bulls. The name and is translated from English: "bull dog". From dogs the bull needed to seize a nose and not to release until unfortunate horned falls, exhausted by battle and blood loss. The foundation for this entertainment was laid by Earl Warren from Lincolnshire. In 1209 it, having seen as two dogs fight with a bull, decided that it can become a magnificent entertainment for a wide range of the audience.

Is unknown when the English bulldogs appeared. In the description of breeds first in the history it is told about "bendogga" — the huge, spiteful, vigorous and stubborn dogs ideal for battle with bulls. However at the beginning of 17 century bulldogs precisely were already allocated as breed.
the Field of activity left a mark on properties of breed. Bulldogs had to differ in endurance, fearlessness — to recklessness, mood on a fight and insensitivity to pain.
They had to be stocky, shirokogrudy, not too heavy, thickset, possess a powerful grasp and at the same time implicitly submit to the owner.
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By the beginning of 19 century persecution of bulls gradually gave way to dog fights which demanded already absolutely other qualities: speeds and mobility. Bulldogs began to cross to terriers, the hybrid originally was called "bul-and-terrier".
Fortunately, in 1835 in Great Britain came into force the Law on protection of animals. Alas, he did not forbid dog fights, and here an end was put to persecution of bulls. And though it was, undoubtedly, the progressive decision, it threatened existence of the English bulldogs — there was an opinion that representatives of breed more are not fit for anything.
But a certain Bill George did not stop trying of their cultivation, and his merit that these dogs began to highly be appreciated as reliable partners. 1875 was marked by emergence of the first club of fans of the English bulldogs.
A at the beginning of the 20th century breed became fashionable in New York and extended on the world.

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