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Greykhaunda – typical representatives of fleet dogs. In the course of history of breed of a greykhaunda were turned very little.

 Greykhaund runs on photo sand

On a photo: грейхаунд. Photo: pixabay.com

Though the origin of breed грейхаунд is still covered with a veil of secrecy and is full of legends, the purpose of a greykhaund is not subject to doubt: it is hunting for fast animals: hares, foxes, lanyam.

The history of breed грейхаунд leaves deep into centuries. It is impossible to tell precisely how and when they appeared.

It agrees one of versions of origin of breed грейхаунд, dogs from Ancient Egypt from where they got to Greece where they became very popular were ancestors of these dogs. One of representatives of breed even Alexander of Macedon bought for infinite riches. By the way, in antique myths by gods often accompanied sleek-haired borzois. And already from Greece borzois removed to Great Britain.

One more version says that ancestors of greykhaund – Asian fleet slyug which merchants in the 10th century delivered to Great Britain.

The third hypothesis says that greykhaunda – descendants of the Celtic dogs who were known in the 6th century.

During the history of breed of feature of use of a greykhaund changed. In the Middle Ages they were used for hunting for a large animal (bears and wolves) so the bigger size and power was necessary for dogs considerably. Later deer, foxes and hares became the main victims of borzois and also sports use of greykhaund began to develop.

"The law on the woods" forbade peasants to hold 1014 greykhaund, having made them the privilege only of the highest estate.

The origin of the name of breed is also not established definitely. There is a version that it is connected with prevalence in a color of gray color (gray). And, perhaps, the name is connected with the fact that the dog resembles a cricket (crickit) superficially, and over time the name crickhound changed in greyhound.

In 16 century of a greykhaunda appeared on the verge of disappearance. The matter is that closely related crossing led to degeneration of breed, appearance of weak and spiteful dogs. And lord Orford made an attempt to save greykhaund, having tied one of the bough with the English bulldog. And lord Orford organized the subsequent knittings with descendants of one of puppies from the received dung. So there was King Kob – a rodonchalnik of all recent greykhaund.

Greykhaunda actively participated in exhibitions of dogs, since 19th century, and were used in removal of other breeds – for example, the Irish wolfhound, a whippet and a dirkhaund, the Irish setter and a pointer, a mastiff and a Dobermann terrier.

In the 19th century, still before adopted the standard of breed грейхаунд, these dogs were divided into classes:

  • Hunting – more powerful dogs, at the same time maneuverable and hardy, to them it is necessary to catch an animal and to follow the rider on long distances.
  • Running – drier dogs capable to gather the maximum speed at a short distance.
  • Exhibition – higher, graceful and graceful dogs.

On character different types of greykhaund do not differ.

Modern races with participation of greykhaund appeared in the USA in 1912 and became very popular around the world. However now dog races underwent the attacks of zoodefenders who protest against inhumane keeping of dogs. Besides, the fate of the greykhaund which finished running career is very sad – having become unnecessary, they in large quantities are exposed to euthanasia, not everyone manages to find new owners.

It is considered that in Ireland there are best nurseries of running greykhaund.

Greykhaunda are considered as excellent partners and are especially popular in the USA, Australia, Great Britain and Ireland.


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