• Dec 10, 2019
The history of breed of a basenji is mysterious and old.

of Egyptians always distinguished reverent attitude to animals, up to awe. Especially they honored cats. But the share of honoring got also to dogs who got into Egypt from coast of Nile. Egyptians appreciated unsurpassed dexterity, speed, self-respect and congenital hunting talents of a dog and also a peculiar way to communicate.
 the Basenji of a photo

On a photo: Basenji

Lingering sounds which these animals made were perceived as sorcery. Pharaohs were convinced that representatives of breed are capable to save them from evil spells and anger of gods.

is not absolutely clear To this day why basenjis do not bark. With vocal chords they are fine, the speech rich: they make various sounds, except those which we most of all expect from a dog. According to an ancient legend, the leader of pack of a basenji accidentally heard an important conversation of the tribe in which dogs lived. And, realizing possible consequences, quadrupeds swore to be silent not to blab out accidentally. The oath is held to this day.

After decline of the Egyptian civilization these dogs practically disappeared.

Probably, we would not learn about a basenji if the African tribes did not begin to use them for protection and hunting. The reticence of these animals had very opportunely. As well as surprising mobility and dexterity. Dogs in complete silence tracked down and pursued a game which in this situation practically had no chances to escape.
the Country patron of breed — Great Britain. The first attempt to transport these dogs to the Foggy Albion was made in 1885, but, unfortunately, the experiment ended with the death of animals. The long voyage too exhausted a basenji, and they could not acclimatize. However British could make the description of breed.
Before the beginning of the 20th century of a basenji were perceived as wild animals and contained in zoos. But in 1930 British made again an attempt to make them house — and this time is successful.
In 1937 these dogs for the first time participated in an exhibition in Birmingham — as Congo terrier. However, in process of breed of a basenji called differently, for example, "a being from thickets" and "nyam-nyam-terrier".
In 1939 was based club of fans of a basenji and the first standard is created. Americans very much became interested in dogs, and in 1941 the first representatives of breed crossed the ocean.
Popularity of breed promptly grew. "not the perversity" selection during the history of breed of a basenji was one of the reasons. Stars of exhibitions do not differ from the relatives who are still helping to hunt to the tribes of Congo at all.
of the Basenji actively part in Canada, the USA, Great Britain, Australia and many other countries.

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