• Jan 8, 2020

It is already difficult to establish who was an ancestor of a long-haired collie, however it is precisely known that these dogs extended on the world from Great Britain. Therefore it is possible to assume that collies are descendants of ancient English sheep-dogs. At that time selection was conducted only on working qualities, the appearance did not play any role.

 the Collie long-haired at a photo exhibition On a photo: the dog of breed of a collie long-haired

Is the version that the name comes from Anglo-Saxon "stake" ("black") as dogs grazed the swarthy sheep widespread in Scotland.

The history of breed of a collie long-haired contains several centuries. In any case, at the end of 18 century the breed was known under the name "collie". However, later to them tried to flow blood of other breeds: Scottish and Irish setter, borzoi. Experiments were not really successful.

Since 1895 breeding books began to contain the section devoted to long-haired collies. But even before dogs participated in exhibitions. The big role in formation of breed belongs to the founder of club of dog breeding mister Shirley.

Long-haired collies became more and more popular. Time before World War I became their hour of triumph – modest herdboys turned into of high society, saloon dogs. It was promoted in no small measure by interest in breed from the Queen Victoria. The prices of long-haired collies flew up up to the astronomical heights.

During war representatives of breed proved and as guard dogs. They carried out duties of hospital attendants, coherent and sappers.

appreciated Long-haired collies not only beauty, but also charming character and excellent working qualities. Millions of TV viewers fell in love with Lessi – an example of intelligence, nobility, beauty and devotion. And collies endure world surge in popularity again.

Reached that cultivation of dogs turned into a nightmare. Unfair manufacturers put profit on the first place, as a result of not the best dogs began to appear. These are cooled interest in breed a little. But over time supply and demand were balanced, and true fans could be engaged in thoughtful, purposeful cultivation.

Now long-haired collies are popular around the world, first of all, as excellent partners: clever, devoted, benevolent.

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