• Dec 17, 2019
History of breed of a Welsh Corgi very ancient. Therefore the origin of two species of a Welsh Corgi (a cardigan and a pembrok) is shrouded in fog of times. The only thing that is known precisely – they it is from Wales.
 the Welsh Corgi of a photo On a photo: A Welsh Corgi at an exhibition
One of legends says that corgis are horses of elves, and on the wool all of them still bear marks of a magic saddle. Two children herdboys found couple of puppies who were taken first for young foxes. But when puppies were brought home, parents told that they – a gift of fairies. Doggies grew and began to help people, thus having defined the fate of breed.

Is also more prosy version of history of breed of a Welsh Corgi. The Scandinavian Vikings in 9 – 10 centuries brought the dogs who are crossed to native breeds to the British Isles. Shepherdly skills were cultivated in the next generations. Later Flemish weavers brought spitz-dogs who also influenced formation of breed, "having presented" to a corgi a fox muzzle.
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concerning origin of the name of breed of a Welsh Corgi of a consensus. Some consider that this combination of dwarf (cor) and dog (gi) – in literal translation "a dwarfish dog", others are convinced that the real components of the name – the word "to watch over" (cur) — to watch also "dog" (gi) — a dog.
the Cardigan differs from a pembrok not only existence of a tail (as many think). They have a different structure of bones, body length, temperament, and it is the evidence of different origin of each of subspecies.
in acts of 10 century can find references to existence of small dogs, the grazing cows. And till 1850 in Wales the corgi was the only dog who lived among people.
belonged pasturage and the shelter in stalls of mountain ponies and cows To duties of a Welsh Corgi. Dogs bit herbivorous for legs, at the same time showing amazing quickness in a uvertyvaniye from kicks. Corgis differed in indefatigability and endurance, were able to think over and change independently tactics depending on a situation. They also had such valuable qualities as discipline, firmness and commitment.
Is magnificent partners: precautionary, loyal, balanced, self-assured, at the same time with pleasure will have fun. They have an excellent intelligence, wit and resourcefulness.
of Popularity of breed was promoted by love from representatives of the royal family.
In the twenties 20 century. The English club of dog breeding recognized a corgi by breed. In 1925 they were presented for the first time at an exhibition as a Welsh Corgi. But pembrok and cardigans were considered as one breed.
In 1934 adopted the standard which divided cardigans and pembrok into two different breeds.
a Welsh Corgi are popular Today around the world, especially in the USA and Great Britain.

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