• Jan 13, 2020

Rhodesian ridgebacks are natives of Africa, and their main characteristics are inherited from far ancestors whose history contains the millennia. But the breed arose not so long ago and was officially recognized in the twenties the 20th centuries.

 Rhodesian ridgeback

On a photo: Rhodesian ridgeback

the Rhodesian ridgeback — the descendant of the gottentot — the being betrayed to people possessing a body of a jackal and differing from others dog in a hair crest on a back. These dogs helped to hunt large animals.

Exists a legend of how ridgebacks got a ridge (a crest on a back). Very long time ago animals could talk among themselves and helped each other. For example, the snake badly saw and heard, but could feel vibration and differed in courage. The dog undertook a duty to warn a snake about appearance of other animals if that got on a tree to get warm in the sun.

the Dog perfectly heard
, saw, felt danger and perfectly moved, but at the same time was not as brave as a snake, in particular at a meeting with a lion.
a lion approached Once a tree and saw how the snake and a dog have a rest. It began to roar so loudly that the snake fell down a back of a dog. And the place of falling of a snake is still visible on backs of ridgebacks: the head of a snake forms a ridge crown, and on the place of eyes of a snake there are curls. The snake gave to a dog the courage, and since then dogs with a ridge on a back are not afraid even of a lion.

As actually appeared a ridge? On this question there is no exact answer. There is a version that it is the accidental mutation fixed in cultivation.

of Dogs with a crest on a back was described by Englishman Tiel in 1505. And in 1874 Charles Helm, the missionary, brought 2 edge dogs to Rhodesia. Hunters became interested in unusual beings, and Cornelis Van Royen was engaged 35 years in their cultivation. Therefore some time edge dogs were called "dogs Wang Royena". Soon unusual dogs became famous as "lion's dogs", that is suitable for hunting for lions.

at the beginning of the 20th century the breed received the name a ridgeback, and in 1922 the first club of fans of Rhodesian ridgebacks was founded. F.R. Barnes created the first standard of breed, and in 1926 the standard approved the South African film logical union.
Ridge is available not only for a Rhodesian ridgeback, but also at Thai, however these dogs differ externally. The Rhodesian ridgeback is a hybrid of native dogs hunters with the cultural breeds (as a rule, dogoobrazny) delivered in the Republic of South Africa by colonists.

was the Purpose of cultivation creation not too big, but at the same time a hardy and high-speed dog there are "Jacks of all trades". Molossa transferred to Rhodesian ridgebacks fearlessness and ferocity, force and distrustfulness to strangers, hounds — viscosity, indefatigability and malignancy to an animal, gottenotsky dogs — ability to adapt to difficult conditions and precipitancy.
the Rhodesian ridgebacks who remained in the Republic of South Africa — generally working dogs who hunt a leopard.
Out of borders of the Republic of South Africa Rhodesian ridgebacks for the first time got in 1928. They arrived in Great Britain.
Turned out that except hunting qualities Rhodesian ridgebacks are allocated still with abilities of the excellent watchman who is not inclined to bark in vain, but perfectly understands who the friend and who the enemy, and at the same time perfectly gets on with children. In a ridgeback operating potential is combined with intelligence and politeness.
Rhodesian ridgebacks are quite popular Now around the world.

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