• Apr 3, 2017


The history of breed the Samoyed originates in depth of centuries. Samoyeds (or Samoyeds who are tenderly called still and "baby seals") serve us faithfully many centuries. The most different functions fell to their lot, they are universal. Samoyeds worked as draft dogs (could transport freight 1.5 times heavier than a body weight), grazed deer, protected dwellings, participated in hunting and nursed children. At night they served as hot-water bottles. Samoyeds are still ready to warm owners. If you settle down near the lying dog and will embrace her, it will stand and will lie not movably so much how many it will be required to you. Inhabitants of the North deservedly respected and esteemed these dogs.
Samoyeds are obliged by the Name of breed to the tribes inhabiting Northern lands. Earlier Samoyeds called Nenets, and later – the Nganasan, Enets and Lapps.
Is possible, this word came from Old Russian "self-uniform" ("reached an internal unification") as representatives of the tribe were aloof and did not communicate with "strangers". There are also other versions of origin of the name "Samoyed". For example, "itself goes" — that is moves on skis. Or perhaps white dogs so merged with the snow that it seemed as if sledge go? Perhaps, the name went from a phrase "earth of Sami" — saam-jedna. As to establish the truth extremely difficult, everyone can choose option to liking.
It is considered div class=" quote that Samoyeds help people nearly 3 thousand years. Their historical homeland – Siberia. The appearance of dogs practically did not change from the moment of emergence of breed.

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