• Jan 8, 2020
The history of breed to Cana corso originates deep into of centuries. The first mentions of molossa, one of representatives of which is to Cana corso (Cane Corso Italiano), appeared still in the ancient time.

On a photo: to Cana corso

to Cana corso consider Official ancestors ancient Roman fighting dogs gladiators. However when the Roman Empire broke up, history of moloss plunged into a gloom. And the new information about them appeared only in the Middle Ages when molossa widely extended in Europe. The certificate to they are cloths and engravings. These dogs performed security functions and also were used in fighting and as gladiators, hunted bears and battled against lions.

Renaissance glorified
to Cana corso thanks to their fearlessness and firmness. In Italy it is possible to hear to this day: "man of courage as corso".

However after World War II these magnificent dogs nearly disappeared. Only efforts of several enthusiasts saved breed. Dogs had to be brought together across all Italy.

In 1976 appeared Society of fans to Cana corso, at the same time his members often strongly disagreed what has to be the ideal representative of breed. Nevertheless, efforts were crowned with success – the breed was recognized officially (the truth, only in 1994)

In 1996 to Cana corso was recognized by FCI. And in January, 2003 the uniform standard began to work.
It was changed
in 2015: ears and tails are not stopped any more (it important for those who plan to buy a dog of a show class). However, till December 31, 2024 dogs with the stopped tails/ears on a ring the same rights, as dogs with not stopped — but only in the countries where there is no official ban on knocking over of tails and ears still will have. In those countries where the ban on knocking over exists, only dogs with not stopped by ears/tail can be exposed already now.

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