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created the First standard for weimaraners (they are veymaraner) in 1896, developed the official standard in Germany in 1925, and registered in FCI of these dogs in 1969. However the history of breed a veymaraner leaves deep into centuries and is shrouded in a secret.

a veymaraner is connected With origin and the history of breed a beautiful legend. The daughter of the duke Weimar went to the wood to walk and got lost. Began to darken, and the girl already lost hope to find a way home. But at this moment the shining star came on a silver platter. The baby went to light and in the center of a glade found a puppy. It was also the first veymaraner. When the girl took a puppy on hands, she saw the native lock. Since then the successor of the Weimar duke did not leave a dog.

in the Middle Ages meet mentions of similar dogs. For example, Louis IX's dog (also known as Ludovic Sviatoy) reminded modern veymaraner. When the king came back from a crusade to Egypt, it was accompanied by rack of gray dogs. The mention of it is dated the 14th century.

These dogs were also represented on tapestries.

the Breed was so loved by the nobility that several "silver ghosts" by all means participated in each hunting for big game: bears, boars, deer. And subsequently veymaraner expanded the repertoire: learned to get a bird.
By an example of the French began to get large gray dogs also at other Royal Courts of Western Europe.

cost much therefore owners always kept them around. This habit remained at representatives of breed still: the veymaraner cannot separately exist from the owner, separation from darling for it is intolerable.

Under the name "veymaraner" breed is for the first time mentioned in the 50th years of the 19th century. The document calls the homeland of these dogs East Germany (neighborhood of the city of Weimar).

the Duke Weimar Karl Augustus was eager to create universal breed. Veymaraneram flowed blood of other breeds that they could work effectively at speed and to be rather hardy, to perform functions of the hunter and partner.

veymaraner debuted
In 1880 at the Berlin exhibition, but there called them hybrids.

In 1886 recognized breed as independent and founded the German club of fans of veymaraner. Dogs were bred only for hunting and sold only to clubmen.
Similar approach made breed extremely rare. But in Germany it is applied still – regard not an exterior, but working qualities as of paramount importance, and new owners are elected captiously. Outside the historical homeland of dogs it is possible to get freely.
In the mid-twenties became interested the 20th centuries in breed the major Herber famous also as "the father of veymaraner". Thanks to its efforts interest in breed extended on the world.
In 1929 the first foreigner who entered club became Howard Knight. He imported dogs to the USA and after a while became the president of the American club of fans of veymaraner.
World War II caused to breed a considerable loss, but since 1948 veymaraner began to be on sale actively out of borders of Germany. Export demand, however, led to deterioration in qualities of breed, and the German club forbade to sell abroad more than a half of a dung.
the Greatest popularity weimaraners won
in the USA — thanks to the publicist Jack Deighton Scott. That called representatives of breed not differently as "Wonderful dogs". As a result many manufacturers managed to scare together a fortune on veymaraner. But in actual fact they were not wonderful, and quite to themselves terrestrial dogs, and many buyers were disappointed in acquisition. Demand and the price sharply fell.
However, by 70th years of the 20th century breed rises as a bird Phoenix from ashes, and becomes quite popular among hunters.
 weimaraner veymaraner
In the 1990s struck to breed one more blow. This time the photographer William Vegman depicting veymaraner in the works became involuntary responsible. "Silvery ghosts" began to be in overwhelming demand again. Unfortunately, many of them appeared in shelters later.
Today weimaraners "work" both as hunters, and watchmen, and partners.
which part in Germany larger, powerful, are capable to concentration, are less excitable, allocated with excellent security and protective qualities. Dogs of the American and Canadian cultivation more small, quicker, more gracefully, have more gentle disposition.
Besides a short-haired version, meet long-haired veymaraner, but them much less.

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