• Dec 17, 2019

In translation from English the name of breed which is tenderly called sometimes by "Vesti" sounds almost romantically: a white terrier from the western hills.

 the West Highland White Terrier of a photo On a photo: a West Highland White Terrier

these dogs not accidentally Appeared. Hunting for norny animals was very popular in Great Britain, however, when red terriers appeared from a hole, they were often taken for foxes and by mistake hit. Therefore the Scottish family Malkolm made the decision to breed small terriers of a white color.

The main requirements to breed were same, as to their relatives of more usual shades: stockiness, rage to subject to hunting and the rigid wool protecting from dampness and cold.

Later the colonel Malkolm who at the end of the 19th century submitted pets to the judgement of the public was engaged in cultivation of white terriers. As their homeland was the city of Poltallokh, terriers at that time carried the name "poltallokhsky". They became a basis for formation of breed a West Highland White Terrier.

In 1904 West Highland White Terriers were recognized by the English kennel-club. Before they were presented at exhibitions as the Scottish terriers, kern-terriers or Skye Terriers.

And in 1905 the English and Scottish clubs fans of West Highland White Terriers were organized. Created also the third club later – in Nordirlenda, he began to take the leading positions in cultivation. Efforts were directed not only to maintaining eksteryerny features, but also the corresponding temperament and behavior. The standard which still practically did not undergo changes was adopted.

During World War I cultivation was suspended, however the majority of dogs managed to be kept – owners showed true miracles of heroism. People starved, but managed to share a poor ration with pets.

In the 80th years of the 20th century the breed reaches the peak of popularity in Europe. There is a fashion for dogs that could not but perniciously affect quality of representatives of breed. For satisfaction of the growing demand in cultivation dogs with problems, including, on health were allowed. Conscientious manufacturers had to make titanic efforts to correct a situation.

Today West Highland White Terrier, generally favourite of family, but not the hazardous hunter. But they kept a heat and rage in relation to an animal in full. "Vesti" are extraordinary popular not only in Great Britain, but also in the USA, Canada, Scandinavia, Germany, France, Australia and other countries.

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