• Dec 10, 2019
The history of breed the white Swiss sheep-dog does not originate in antiquity. German shepherds of an unusual white color are considered as ancestors of white Swiss sheep-dogs. Confirmation to it is strong external likeness of these breeds.
 the Puppy of a white Swiss sheep-dog On фоо: The puppy of a white Swiss sheep-dog (a short-haired version) the White dog of a German shepherd was presented by
at the Hanover exhibition in 1882 then dogs of this color began to gain popularity.

Manufacturers set
as the purpose to bring a working dog with ideal qualities, however there was no consensus about what qualities to consider obligatory.

to Selectors was succeeded to agree only in 1899 when the captain of a cavalry von Stefanitz took care of German shepherds. His dog Hector was a grandson of that white dog presented in Hanover.
Soon German shepherds began to extend out of borders of Germany, wandering to Great Britain, America and Canada. The color was unimportant, the main attention was paid to working qualities.
With coming to power of Nazis sharply increased requirements to qualities office dogs, and white German shepherds ceased to fit into the new standard. Manufacturers accused of all a white color, and these dogs began to be discarded. In the mid-sixties the 20th centuries white German shepherds were "beyond the law" almost in the whole Europe. It nearly put an end to the history of breed a white Swiss sheep-dog.
However Americans did not give in to general prejudices and continued to breed actively white German shepherds who quite suited owners and manufacturers of the USA and Canada. Americans proclaimed that "at a good dog of a bad color does not happen", and in the sixties the 20th centuries the breed was registered as independent – the American-Canadian sheep-dog. Then forbade crossing of these dogs with German shepherds.
White dogs became popular thanks to emergence on a TV screen. Also the role promoting of breed was played that these dogs were pets of some famous people, for example, of family Rokfellerov.
In the 1970th years white sheep-dogs got to Switzerland, and Lobo's dog who arrived from the USA became the primogenitor of modern white Swiss sheep-dogs. By 1980 these dogs already as white Swiss sheep-dogs began to conquer the European countries.
In 2003 a white Swiss sheep-dog as breed was recognized by FCI. And though the breed was removed in the USA, the application was submitted by Switzerland, neither the USA, nor Canada are a part of FCI.
White Swiss sheep-dogs are very popular now both in Europe, and in America. Though Americans still call them "white German shepherds" and hope that the white color will be considered as norm for German shepherds.

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