• Jan 14, 2020

If you look for large, powerful, fearless and rather spiteful dog, it is possible to stop the choice on the Central Asian sheep-dog.

 the Central Asian sheep-dog lies a photo On a photo: the Central Asian sheep-dog History of the Central Asian sheep-dog contains

many centuries. These descendants of the Tibetan dogs were brought for protection of herds and flocks in Central Asia, also dogs helped with hunting for a boar and a leopard. Thanks to it the Central Asian sheep-dogs perfectly transfer severe climatic conditions, the shortage of water and do not need comfort.

The breed spontaneously was removed: people just selected individuals with qualities necessary for them. It was important that both in a frost, and during an intolerable heat the dog could protect herd, was not afraid to enter battle with a wolf and won a victory.

The breed is also known under the name "alabay", however it not absolutely correct – designates a certain color, no more than that. The only correct name of breed – "the Central Asian sheep-dog".

History of the Central Asian sheep-dogs tells that they treat molosoida and four millennia in the territory by extent from South Ural to Afghanistan were formed. In them blood of an ancient Tibetan dog, shepherd's dog of nomads, fighting Mesopotamic dogs merged. The Central Asian sheep-dogs consist related to the Tibetan mastiffs and the Mongolian sheep-dogs.

Residents of Turkmenistan consider thoroughbred Central Asian sheep-dogs (there they are called "the Turkmen wolfhounds") by national property.

Tough natural selection, severe conditions of work and existence, need to battle constantly against predators affected appearance and character of dogs. They are strong, fearless, but at the same time very economically spend forces.

Shepherds could not to support big rack: two-three dogs had to perform huge work, and it is responsible and reliable to do it. Selection was very rough. Left only those puppies who promised to become the best. Further the nature conducted the elimination – any miss could cost life. Therefore the power and combativity became very important.

Dogs had to define borders of "possession", they worked freely, without leash. Far from the grounds the Central Asian sheep-dogs lost malignancy not to become a threat source for casual people at flock stages through settlements. The character and remarkable intelligence were so built up.

 the Central Asian sheep-dogs of a photo

On a photo: Central Asian sheep-dogs

As for factory work, it here history of the Central Asian sheep-dogs is not so long: factory selection began only in the thirties the XX centuries. In the beginning it was supposed that powerful and spiteful sheep-dogs perfectly will be suitable for protection, however the project of mass training failed because of features of character of these dogs.

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