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in the past people understood that it is possible not only to train dogs, but also to use for hunting. Hounds of a dog are capable to pursue a game for a long time, sending it to networks, to define a necessary smell from many others.

Hounds of a dog: the description of kinds of breed and their features is stronger than
At hounds of dogs, than at others, the hunting instinct

Obvious differences of hounds is developed

At these dogs is stronger, than at others, the hunting instinct is developed. They are strong, persistent and hardy. So courageous that are not lost before a large animal, rush in fight at once.

Easily are guided in the unfamiliar area. Can overcome various obstacles, whether it be mountains or swamps with ease. Always sensitively react to the events around. Are the disciplined assistants, during hunting keep in contact with the owner, periodically giving a vote.

the Good hound has to be able:

  • a long time to drive an animal;
  • loudly to bark only at the pursued game;
  • to be able to find the tired-out animal;
  • it is easy to get on in pack;
  • to be obedient to the owner.
Hounds of a dog: the description of kinds of breed and their features
Hounds can overcome with ease various obstacles, whether it be mountains or swamps

of the Task on hunting

They are as follows:

  1. Collective hunting. process in which equestrians and rack from 20 and more dogs participate Represents. Dogs are near horses. When the estimated den of a wolf is revealed, release one or two hounds. In case of visual contact with an animal they give a vote and all others join a pursuit. The main task – not to be beaten out from pack, to work well-coordinated and exactly. After the animal gets out of the wood on the open area, go borzois into action. Hounds, in turn, have to stop and return to the owner.
  2. Hunting in a gun. Here part is taken by the pedestrian hunter and one-two dogs. Work consists in stay and a raising of an animal. The dog does not move away on long distance from the owner, moving here and there, ready any minute to respond to call. She has to be able to be guided on a smell and traces. Pursuing a hare, to remember that he can hide nearby, and the wolf and a fox leave on long distances. Having tired out an animal, the hound begins to bark. The vociferousness is of great importance. Dogs have to be able to work together and not to interfere with each other.
  3. Blood trace. All hounds are able to drive production, but on a blood trace the most hardy work. The wounded animal can be pursued throughout a long time. The dog should not give a vote, get off on other trace and lose main. Being very patient, she will draw attention of the hunter, only when finds a lezhka of an animal.

To estimate abilities of these dogs, in the spring and in the fall cynologists carry out tests.

of Feature of breed (video)

Species of hounds of breeds 18-19 centuries

During the different historical periods hunting with dogs was popular. Far back in the past the hound itself had to pursue the victim and take it. Further they only exhausted a game, and the person finished it. Such hunting was very popular in the Middle Ages. Each knight considered it as honor to participate in imperial hunting. Huge kennels contained in locks. The love to hounds extended across the whole Europe and out of its limits.

Distinguished the following types:

  1. the Ancient Russian – the big dog with the wide head, had a hook-nosed muzzle, narrow yellow eyes and mobile trailing ears. Differed in good health, frost resistance and unpretentiousness, it was very fast and hardy. At the same time had rough temper. Color is red, sometimes with burn marks. On ears, paws and the head wool short, on all body – is longer.
  2. the Skewbald Russian – has a powerful "square" body, strong legs, ears the triangular, lowered to cheeks, large dark eyes. The character is reserved, quiet. Active and friendly. Well works in loneliness or in couple. A color white with black or red spots. It is easy for owner to distinguish it in the forest.
  3. the Kostroma hound – is similar to a wolf. The head is narrow, eyes light. Has yellow, skewbald or black color, existence of burn marks is possible. The hardy dog with sharp intuition, well gets on in pack. It is called still Tatar. This is the lineal descendant of the hounds delivered by Tataro Mongols.
  4. English-Russian – the most known dog, was removed by crossing of the Russian hounds and foxhounds. Has a proportional strong constitution, short wool. Can have various color.
  5. Harlequins – are nicknamed so for cheerful nature and modulating bark, have a light gray color, is more often with black spots.

The listed types are used as the main for creation of new breeds. In total there are over 80 breeds of hounds of dogs.

Hounds of a dog: description of kinds of breed and their features

Popular versions

In modern society hunting is still fascinating occupation for many people. Today it is possible to satisfy the passion in special wildlife areas. Hunt a wolf and a fox, a boar and a hare, a bird. The hound looks for an animal, lifts him, and the hunter needs to choose the right time and to shoot. The most popular and demanded breeds today – English and Russian skewbald.

English hound (fox)

The English hound, or still it is called a foxhound. The breed in England is removed more than 200 years ago. This dog is a descendant of the first hounds and borzois. It was initially created for hunting for foxes, from here and the name "fox hunting". Today successfully hunts any game. Very hardy, more than 20 km can move without stopping to distance. Is one shortcoming – the weakened intuition. Grows to 60 cm, has dark eyes, wide noses and a forehead, trailing ears. Paws are small, a powerful thorax. A color more often white, with red and black burn marks. On the basis of this breed the Russian skewbald in Russia and the American hound for hunting for raccoons was created.

The foxhound is devoted, but recognizes the strong and clever owner. Itself is curious, vigilant, sensitive and very clever pet. In family with all finds a common language, it is friendly in relation to children. of Strangers takes out hardly. with ease shares the territory With other pets. The good watchman will also protect to the last gasp owners. Unreasonable aggression is not peculiar to him. It is playful and active. The best option for contents – a country house. The dog needs a scope and the place for run. Very much loves the company therefore it is desirable to get couple.

In loneliness and without the movement will be depressed. Such dog will suit the active and vigorous owner and if he also the hunter, then the hound is happy.

Hounds of a dog: description of kinds of breed and their features


Primogenitors of this breed were on service of the person one thousand years ago. They came from the Far East and conquered the whole world. The present look was created in Belgium, in the 13th century monks tried to remove new breed. By the 14th century it was defined finally. These dogs of "blue" blood. True aristocrats, intelligent and reserved. A bloodhound – a dog of royal suite. It was used not only for hunting, but also for protection. Has a sharp scent therefore participates in search of criminals, helps to look for the gone children and victims on blockages, during earthquakes.

the Hardworking and hardy, devoted and patient dog , than deserves love and respect of the person. Will follow the owner up to the end and will never leave. It is friendly in relation to children and other pets. He is clever, the excellent partner takes the hint. It can be aggressive in relation to other dogs, especially the breed. On walks it is better to use a lead, you should not forget about true nature of a dog if he picks up a trail, it will be very difficult to stop. In modern society it is used as a pet.

The dog large, at appropriate leaving and excellent health lives up to 12 years, and even it is more. The color is more often red-brown. Ears are big, soft and trailing. The muzzle extended with folds of excess skin. Eyes are sad, sad. Special attention should be paid to cleaning of ears, there dirt often accumulates. Eyes is a weak point. There can be such diseases as an eversion of a century, a cherry eye.

Education needs to pay close attention as these hounds can show obstinacy and independence. You should not shout and apply physical abuse: the dog will become angry to the owner and will move away from him. Then mutual understanding will be difficult to achieve. The owner has to be patient and sensitive. It is allowed to load physically only in 9-10 months, surely including calcium in a diet, otherwise extremities of the pet will be bent. of the Dog is snored at night, slobber and have a specific smell, but all this insignificant inconveniences which with interest will pay off love and devotion of the pet.

Hounds of a dog: description of kinds of breed and their features

Russian skewbald

In the 18th century the ancient Russian hound was crossed to the English, the English-Russian breed turned out. Then added the French blood – and the name changed. The Russian skewbald lost as a result ringing bark what her ancestors were so appreciated.

The breed has appeasable character and quiet temper. At the correct education and leaving the owner will receive the kind friend and the reliable assistant. Many are surprised by a combination of household restraint to hunting hatred to an animal. And nevertheless skewbald – the excellent hunters disciplined and obedient, sensitively react to requirements of the owner. In family are playful and kind to all including to children. As soon as in the house the puppy will appear, in kids it is necessary to bring up respect for the pet. It is not necessary to allow physical abuse and negligence at all. The dog sharply feels negative impact and hard transfers it. It is better to keep animals in open-air cages, to give the chance to move to long distances. The feeling of freedom is necessary for them. It is more than air and movements will present to a dog health and good mood.

There is also a breed bills. The foundation for it was laid by a white royal hound which was popular with the French kings. Today this dog has a ringing voice, is fast and hardy. Can hunt a large animal alone. However in pack works badly. Billey is required to be contained only in open-air cages, in country houses. These dogs it is worse than the others adapt to city life. In height reach 60 cm. Wool short and rigid. A color or completely white, or with black, red spots. Eyes are dark, the head of a graceful form. Ears are long, on the ends are slightly twisted. The clever and devoted dog, will become the loving family member and the faithful companion on hunting.

And here the Vendee griffon and an otterhound treat rare large hounds.

Hounds of a dog: description of kinds of breed and their features

Vendee griffon

These dogs are two types: small and big. Differ from each other only in the sizes. Hunt any game as alone, and pack. Natives of France, have simple appearance. Many take them for mongrels.

Courageous and obedient hounds are very much appreciated by dog breeders . Short paws and rigid wool allow them to feel comfortably in the woody area. A color more often white with various spots. Wool is regularly required to be combed out. Dogs playful, easily get on with cats, but are stubborn and capricious. At the correct education grow kind and obedient friends.

Otterhound (vydrovy hound)

It was removed in England especially for hunting for otters. Well floats, between fingers has leathery membranes that allows it to feel confidently in water. With firmness transfers cold, possesses sharp intuition. People love it for sweet temper. In the house it is accurate and appeasable, gets on with all family members and pets. She is a little lazy therefore she constantly should be trained, otherwise the dog grows stout and grows heavy. Long wool is regularly combed out as it quickly rolls down.

Speaking about hounds, it is worth mentioning borzois. Between these competitors is obvious distinctions:

  1. The hound hunts with bark and exhausts production while the borzoi is silent it catches.
  2. The favourite area of a hound – woody and mountain, and her competitor is good in steppes and on plains.
  3. A hound the dog is guided by a scent, having not really good sight. The borzoi conducts production, using visual contact as has no sharp scent.

Hounds of a dog: description of kinds of breed and their features


Large breed which was removed in IXX a century. It is often possible to hear other name – дирхаунд, or the Scottish cervine borzoi. It is known that can independently hunt a deer. The dog quiet, has balanced temper, is not inclined to aggression and manifestations of rage. It is friendly and trustful. It is always graceful and elegant, possesses article and refinement. Should not get such dog for protection as she is kind to all. On hunting it is active, with ease overcomes considerable distances. In the house she is imperceptible and lazy. Gets on with all family members easily, it is patient to childish pranks, seldom barks.

Dog high and thin. Its growth reaches 70 cm. Can have a gray color with gray-haired impregnations. Wool rather rigid and long. From first minutes the puppy should show his place. If not to take care of it, so far the dog is small, then already adult massive animal will lie on upholstered furniture, leaving the wool on all house. If the dog is got for hunting, then it is necessary to bring up and support her in severity. Close apartments will not approach. The borzoi, as well as a hound, loves a scope, fresh air and an opportunity to run at liberty. You should not forget for what these breeds were removed.

Hounds of a dog: description of kinds of breed and their features

Maintenance of hounds

Those who wants to get a dog of similar breed need to remember that it is very freedom-loving animals. Passion to hunting and prosecution at them in blood therefore you should not be surprised that during walk the pet will begin to pursue a cat and will leave very far. In family they can get on with other dogs, but here small pets, for example, hamsters, can fall prey for them. At the same time dogs are obedient and patient. Easily adapt to various living conditions. Always should remember features of each breed.

The place of keeping of the pet has to be clean at any time. Damp cleaning is daily carried out. The laying should be cleaned carefully. In the period of a molt it is required to do it twice a day.

it is necessary to Walk hounds 3 times a day. Should not forget about need, natural to them, to move. It is necessary to celebrate need to them several times, through small periods. If the dog does enough not run, at her diseases of the musculoskeletal device will begin to develop. Walking the pet, it is worth to remember a lead, and in certain cases and a muzzle.

The owner has to watch regularly the state of health of a dog in general, perform daily inspection and, in case of need, visit the veterinarian.

the fastest dogs in the world (video)

Fulfilling all necessary requirements, considering needs of the pet, it is possible to count that the reliable support and devoted heart will be near safely.

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