• Feb 26, 2019

Appearance of the new four-footed family member is a great joy both for adults, and for kids. However the pet is an also heavy responsibility. A dog it is necessary to feed, walk, watch the general health and to bathe, of course. On the subject of how and when the first time to bathe a puppy not to injure his mentality, there is a set of questions.


Optimum age for bathing

One of the first questions which arises at a newly made sobakovladelets — it from what age is the most preferable to expiate a dog for the first time. It is necessary to understand that it is not recommended to subject the favourite pet to water procedures before two-three-months age. At such age the responsible manufacturer gives an animal to new family .

Optimum Age for Bathing

Correctly carried out bathing in 3 months will not do to health of a dog any more any harm as at this age immunity at her strong. Some time after moving should not be washed a puppy needlessly as change of a situation is always a stress for an animal , and bathing can strengthen this state only.

Before carrying out hygienic manipulations, it is necessary to wait for the moment when the pet adapts to a new situation and will begin to trust the owner.

Holding water procedures

You should not bathe a puppy after each walk, will be to wash out carefully paws from various microbes, dirt enough and to comb wool. Depending on extent of pollution it is possible to use plain warm water or liquid with special solution then dry to wipe paws. If to buy paw shampoos, then them it is possible to use after each walk .

Holding Water Procedures

To wash puppies entirely it is allowed about once a month, but is not more often, and the grown-up pets with a long hair can be bathed more often — two or three times a month. Hygienic procedures are carried out as follows:

Puppies in a Bathtub

Shampoo Choice

  1. First of all it is necessary to close all windows and window leaves as dogs are quite sensitive to drafts and can easily catch a cold even in hot season.
  2. It is necessary to protect eyes and ears of the kid from hit of liquid in them. It can be done by means of wadded tampons which should be placed in acoustical passes of the pet.
  3. Further it is necessary to gather warm water in a basin and to carefully lower in it a puppy.
  4. In the course of bathing it is necessary to iron an animal and tenderly with it to address, not to use a shower, that the strong pressure of water and noise did not frighten the four-footed favourite .
  5. Shampoo before drawing on wool should be dissolved in water. Means of hygiene have to be chosen according to breed and type of hair of animal.
  6. Carefully to wash away soapsuds not to allow appearance of dandruff.
  7. Then, having got the kid from a basin, it is necessary to wrap it in a towel and to feed with something tasty to leave at it a pleasant impression.

is inadmissible to leave a puppy in water unguarded and also to show in relation to it aggression and roughness.

As it will be the first bathing of a small animal, it has to leave good impressions and not cause fear.

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