• Aug 29, 2019

Unfortunately, presently the great number of animals, including dogs, still needs the help. And sometimes our purpose – to find to a dog the new house, to attach it in good hands. How competently to attach dogs?

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What needs to be considered competently to attach a dog?

First of all, you should not forget that a main goal – a meeting of a dog and her person , and as a result both have to be happy. And to achieve these objectives, it is necessary to find answers to the following questions:

  1. Who is engaged in a pristroystvo of a dog? it is important that the person was rather competent enthusiast, constantly increased the level of knowledge and developed – all this allows to finish business and not to lower a hand.
  2. Who will be a suitable owner for this specific dog? It means to decide on target audience proceeding from features and needs of a dog. It is important to know in what family the dog will approach and what place she will take in a family system. For example, the dog suitable for the traveler or the athlete, and a dog for family with children often – absolutely different animals.
  3. As well as where it is possible to find such person? That is not just to scatter identical compassionate announcements on the same resources, and to think where representatives of target audience floating around the Internet "live". For example, if we consider that our dog – a great option for family with children, perhaps, you should not neglect forums where "mummies" gather. And for an active dog there is probably a sense to pay advertizing in social networks for target audience which interests are sports activities.
  4. How to make that this dog was pleasant to the potential owner? "To press on pity" there is not the best strategy, all were tired of it and often just unsubscribe from thematic communities not to see "all this horror". It is necessary to describe a dog so that she pleased the representative of target audience, to emphasize its advantages, but at the same time to make the truthful description. Necessary information: the size of a dog, a type (to what breed or group of breeds it is similar), age, health, habits, character, temperament, etc. Consider that there is a lot of announcements of the dogs needing the help therefore it is necessary to be allocated, make so that you and your dog was noticed. By the way, video of how a dog studies for a positive reinforcement , often makes a good impression on future owners and increases chances of a dog to find the new house. And it is very important to make qualitative photos!
  5. How to make that this person was pleasant to a dog?

From that, how competently you will approach a question of a pristroystvo of a dog, depends:

  • Training of potential owners for appearance of this dog and speed of adaptation of a dog in new family.
  • Risk of return of an animal (at the correct positioning of a dog and the choice of target audience it is minimized).
  • Subsequent training.
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How to understand whether it is possible to entrust a dog to this or that person?

To understand whether it is possible to entrust a dog to this or that potential owner, it is necessary to consider several things.

First of all, it is important to know, why to this person a dog ? The reasons there can be a set:

  1. Realization of "parental" behavior.
  2. Partner in some activity (for example, campaigns or occupations film logical sport).
  3. There is a wish for changes in a way of life.
  4. Means from loneliness.
  5. Fashion. And the fashion happens not only on breeds, but also, for example, on types of activity – run, cycle trips, etc.
  6. " new toy".
  7. " love at first sight".
  8. And others.
it is important to
to find out what the person expects from future pet, it will give the chance to emphasize "benefits" which he will receive from communication with a canine friend.

It is necessary to consider also, is how ready to become this person the owner of a specific dog :

  1. As far as he is responsible? It is clear, that nobody will tell about himself "I I am an irresponsible personality", but it can be found out, asking specially thought over questions.
  2. What knowledge, skills and experience has? Sometimes, by the way, it is easier to train correctly to treat the beginner's dog, than to explain to "the experienced dog breeder" that the puppy cannot be beaten.
  3. How potential owner is ready to difficulties?
  4. As far as it is financially well-founded?

It is useful to paint a picture of the ideal owner, and then to think in what moments you are ready to make concessions and what requirements to future owner are obligatory.

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What risks happen at a pristroystvo of dogs and how to minimize them?

By Pristroystvo of dogs it is accompanied by risks. And not the worst option – when the dog is returned in the same state, as taken. It is worse if she is returned with the "broken" mentality, the worsened health, and even throw out on the street or lull.

First of all, it is worth knowing what categories of potential owners are the most risky :

  1. Pregnant women . During this period there is a wish to care, take about someone the responsibility, and the young family waiting for the child often gets a dog. However often after the child's birth the attitude towards a dog changes. Statistically, most often get rid of dogs because of the child's birth.
  2. The family with children up to 5 years , especially if is attached a puppy. Education a puppy or adaptation an adult dog – hard and energy-intensive work, practically the same as education of the small child. Whether you are ready to bring up two (or more) children at the same time? Many, alas, are not ready, but understand it only after the puppy already appeared in the house. The risk of return in this case is very high.
  3. People who take dogs on a chain / in the open-air cage / in the yard . There are dogs to whom such life suits, but provided that owners satisfy a number of conditions: walking not only on "protected area", intellectual loading, etc., however such cases more likely an exception, than the rule. If these requirements are not fulfilled, former house or in principle the chelovekooriyentirovanny dog will be deeply unfortunate.

Whether it is possible to minimize risks at a pristroystvo of dogs ? It is possible if to adhere to a number of conditions.

  1. Granting accurate information to potential owners . For example, you should not say that the puppy of 3 months from a sort will not leave at home a pool at two times walking (a case from practice).
  2. Informing new owners on stages and features of adaptation of a dog in the new house. If the person is ready to possible problems at the initial stage, it will be simpler to it to cope with them.
  3. Care of health of a dog . Before attaching a dog, surely examine her at the veterinarian, process from parasites and vaccinate, you feed with a qualitative forage and instruct potential owners how it is correct to look after the pet. If there is an opportunity, make the contract.
  4. Training of a dog and use of humane ammunition . If there is an opportunity, it is worth training a dog at a pristroystvo stage and also to give to new owners an opportunity of occupations with the cynologist who works with use of a method of a positive reinforcement. Remarkably, if the dog is trained to go at a lead, knows the main teams ("To me" "to Sit", "Place", "Faugh", etc.), is accustomed to a toilet on the street and to life in the conditions of the city. Tricks can be an excellent bonus.
  5. Sterilization /castration dogs. It will help to avoid the birth of unplanned posterity.
  6. Whenever possible, of consultation of the zoopsychologist after a pristroystvo of a dog.
  7. The fact that the dog is given free of charge, does not mean that she is possible. The potential owner has to know in what keeping of a dog will manage (and not only financial, but also temporary expenses ).

Certainly, the similar pristroystvo of a dog demands big expenses of time and forces, but the main thing – to find to a dog of that, only, her person! And it can be done only if to exercise in process of a pristroystvo judgment and to minimize risks of a failure.

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