• Aug 29, 2019

An opportunity to take a dog from a shelter attracts some people not only because of the aspiration to make a good deed, but sometimes and therefore that such pet it is possible to receive free of charge (though if you take a dog, for example, from the Minsk point of catching and temporary keeping of animals "City fauna", some sum should be paid). But a dog from a shelter not equally "free" or "cheap".

 How much is a dog from a photo shelter the Potential owner has to realize

fully that the dog from a shelter on maintenance and leaving does not differ from any other dog. And sometimes manages more expensively. It needs to be considered, counting the forces.

How many there is a keeping of a dog from a shelter and what there is a price of?

Making the decision to take a dog from a shelter, it is necessary to consider that keeping of the pet consists of two components.

  1. Question of money.
  • Ammunition and all necessary for comfortable life of a dog. It is better to get all these things before the dog appears in your house. These are bowls for food and water, a breast-band (or a collar) and a lead, a laying or a plank bed, an adresnik, accessories to leaving — depending on breed and quality of wool, etc.
  • Constant item of expenditure: forage, delicacies, toys, etc.
  • Costs of training of a dog (for example, fee of the instructor on training). Consider that at dogs from a shelter most often not the quite safe past which leaves a mark on their behavior. Therefore, quite possibly, you will need consultation of the zoopsychologist. And in general it is necessary to enclose more than if you chose a puppy from "good family".
  • Veterinary procedures: one-time — chipping and sterilization, is constant – vaccination, processing from parasites, if necessary – treatment. Besides, the previous bitter experience can make a dog much more vulnerable to diseases. So to the veterinarian if you take a dog from a shelter, it is necessary to go immediately to be convinced that is with it everything is all right, or in time to begin treatment if it is required.
  • Additional expenses. Perhaps, for the period of the holiday you will need to look for overexposure for a dog or to use services of "the dog nurse". Or to buy tickets if you take a dog in the road.
  1. Matter of time.
  • With a dog it is necessary to walk – at least 2 times a day (2 hours in the sum, and are desirable more) and also to communicate, play, be engaged.
  • Visits to the veterinarian and visits of classes in training also demand a lot of time. For example, it is worth being engaged with the instructor (at least, at first) at least 1 time a week on 1 hour – plus it is expensive there and back.

Sometimes by transfer of a dog from a shelter the contract where highlights are provided is signed. But anyway, consider that the sobakovladeniye changes a way of life, to it it is necessary to be ready. Possibly, time which you spent on leisure earlier (visits to friends, restaurants, cinema, etc.), perhaps will be reduced, it is necessary to reconsider a habitual way to spend a vacation.

 How much is a dog from a photo shelter

without planning to dissuade potential owners to take the pet from a shelter At all, it would be desirable to remind that such decision has to be responsible and weighed. Only in this case there is a probability that the dog will become the desired family member, but not a burden, and it will not appear in a shelter, on the street again or, it is worse than that, in the room of euthanasia.

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