• Aug 29, 2019

Some do not decide to take a dog from a shelter for fears that she will not manage to be accustomed to a toilet on the street. Partly these fears can be understood: unfortunately, charity dogs are not always lucky with full and regular walking. But nevertheless even a dog from a shelter it is possible to accustom "to do the things" on the street.

 the Dog marks a photo tree

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For this purpose it is necessary to understand, first of all, why the dog leaves pools and small groups at home. And depending on the reason of untidiness to develop the action plan.

Why dogs from a shelter "go to a toilet" at home?

  1. it is possible, your pet still of is too small to suffer. If you have a dog who did not execute years probably by her still just not enough two times walking.
  2. If it is about adult dogs, the reason can be in problems with health (for example, cystitis).
  3. Sometimes the dog just of does not understand that the place for a toilet – on the street.
  4. the mode of feeding and walking which is Incorrectly built by . If you feed a dog at the same time, then and in a toilet will be wanted by her "according to the schedule". If you have no accurate schedule of feeding and walking, the task to learn to suffer for a dog becomes almost excessive or, in any case, difficult.
  5. As a rule, dogs try not to go to a toilet "in a den", but if the puppy since the early childhood lives in a cage, then because of narrowness it willy-nilly loses fastidiousness and in this case even the adult dog quite comfortably feels, leaving activity marks in the house.
  6. the Dog can be written for fear , for example, when on the street petards or at the time of punishment explode.
  7. If the dog pisatsya when you come home, it is sign of excessive submission .
  8. Pools of the house can be manifestation of marking behavior when the dog marks certain objects as the property.

How to accustom a dog from a shelter to a toilet on the street?

  1. If you deal with a puppy (till 1 year), be not upset because of periodic pools of the house. In the mornings it is better to come for walk quicker until the pet "inflated" the ocean, and in general try to walk longer and more often .
  2. If it is about an adult dog, first of all address for consultation the veterinarian to exclude diseases (for example, cystitis). There is a probability that after treatment the problem of untidiness will disappear.
  3. If the dog is not accustomed to a toilet on the street or lost fastidiousness, it is necessary to stock up with patience. Remember how many she can suffer and as often as possible walk with a dog (ideally – shortly before by your calculations it wants it in a toilet). If it seems to you that the pet just about descends in a house toilet (for example, thought, turns or sniffs), lay it, as soon as possible put on and run with it on the street. Do not punish a dog if she "was at fault" and left marks of activity of the house. And on the street you praise the pet for pools and small groups and you do not stint encouragement – so the dog will understand that she can "earn" not bad, "selling" you such behavior, so, will try "to inform" of everything the right place.
  4. Set the mode of feeding and walks and accurately adhere to it.
  5. If the dog pisatsya for fear, it is necessary to work as with this state and as soon as you help a dog to cope with panic, the untidiness will disappear.
  6. If the dog pisatsya when you come home, try to improve contact with the pet . Treat it more softly and when you enter the apartment, do not bend over a dog, and greet it by voice and do not pay attention to it until excessive excitement takes place. As a rule, such behavior passes by 7 – 8 months.
  7. Carefully wash places which the dog uses as a toilet (it is possible to use weak solution of vinegar) that there was no smell left.
 the Dog pisat on a photo tree

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do not despair and do not lower a hand! It is possible to accustom to cleanliness even a dog who all life before hit to you lived on the street.

If you do not cope by own efforts, can address the expert who will help to make the action plan for schooling of your dog to cleanliness.

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