• Feb 26, 2020

you executed an old dream and made a canine friend. The first euphoria settled, and right there was a question: how to begin to train a puppy that he was not only amusing and cheerful, but also obedient? There is a lot of councils, but it is so difficult to inexperienced owners to choose reasonable and it is correct to make everything!

The Red Puppy of a Mongrel Sits on a Photo Grass Photo: pixabay

How to begin it is correct to train a puppy?

The answer to the question " how to begin it is correct to train a puppy " includes several important rules:

  1. to Begin to train a puppy it is necessary only in a game. In a game cubs learn the world around and learn to interact with it. Violence and boredom in training of a puppy are inadmissible!
  2. Occupations have to be short, but frequent. It is necessary to be engaged with a puppy several times a day on 3 – 5 minutes (and even less first). It is important to finish a lesson when the puppy is still full of strength also enthusiasm, but not when he already lost any interest. Duration of occupations increases gradually.
  3. do not repeat 10 times same. Change tasks, otherwise the puppy will quickly be tired and will start missing.
  4. you do not stint a praise and use encouragement which is pleasant to a puppy. Most often as encouragement serves delicacy and/or a toy. Note each success even if absolutely tiny!
  5. it is important to learn in time to praise a dog – only this way you will be able to explain what is required from the kid.
  6. do not demand from a puppy of everything at once. Training of a puppy is based on the principle "from simple to difficult".
  7. the Task breaks into small steps which will be clear to the kid.
  8. Begin studying of skill in the place quiet, familiar to a puppy without irritants. The complexity of a task increases gradually.
  9. Remember that puppies badly generalize . So when the skill is acquired, be engaged with the kid in different places to teach to execute the command anywhere.

by What methods to begin to train a puppy?

It is correct to begin to train a puppy – means correctly to choose a training method. Today 2 methods which are harmless to physical and psychological wellbeing of puppies are used:

  1. Operantny. You watch a puppy and as soon as he made that it is necessary for you, praise him and treat. Gradually the puppy will understand what behavior you "buy".
  2. Vkusopooshchritelny (targeting) when you by means of delicacy direct a puppy at the necessary action. For example, for training in the Sit team you get a piece up and back over a head of the kid that it raised the head and automatically lowered a back part on a floor.
The Puppy of a Golden Retriever Sits in a Photo Bowl

Photo: pixabay

If you managed to begin to train correctly a puppy, you receive the excellent friend pleasant in communication, safe, convenient and always ready to cooperation. If you had difficulties or you are not sure that you will be able correctly to begin to train a puppy, you will be helped by our marathon on education of a puppy "An obedient puppy without efforts" .

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