• Dec 12, 2019
Before going to choose a Border Collie puppy, think, how weighed and responsible this decision is.
 a Border Collie Puppy On a photo: Border Collie puppy
Got you support of other family members? Whether you will be able to provide to a dog all necessary? Matter not only in money (though keeping of a dog runs into money), but also in efforts, and in time.
there Will be enough at you self-discipline that every day, in any weather to go to long active walks, to play with a dog, to train it? Perhaps, it is necessary to begin to run.
C whom will remain a dog if you are not able to take it in a holiday or will go to a business trip?
Attend exhibitions, communicate to manufacturers and fans of breed, learn about its features. Border Collies are not so simple as he can seem at first sight.
If during long thoughts determination did not hesitate for a time, it is possible to start the choice.
to buy really a Border Collie, surely address to nursery or to the checked manufacturer. Otherwise you risk to buy a mongrel. They — too excellent dogs and loyal friends, but money from you will take as for the thoroughbred kid.
photos, learn how the little Border Collie has to look.
Get acquainted with parents, study their family trees. The first that needs to be found out: whether was genetic diseases at the puppies who were born for two generations both in the area of mother, and in the area of the father.
the Puppy of a Border Collie has to be active, mobile, show hot interest in all surrounding including to you. He will surely run up to sniff at you and to get acquainted closer.
At a healthy puppy of a Border Collie clean eyes, a nose and ears, a dense hair. He is well-fed, but without the inflated stomach, and does not complain of lack of appetite.
the Colour for a Border Collie is not basic (the main thing that white color did not prevail), but chocolate puppies usually are more expensive, than black-and-white.

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